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  1. The first thing I did when I realized I needed the part, even before I spoke to Studio Spares, was to contact K&M via e-mail. Their representative was quick to respond. He was able to identify the correct part and give me the relevant reference number, even though his first language was German rather than English. He also recommended that I use the same dealer I bought the stand from, even though I'd asked to purchase it directly, so my thinking is that they don't deal with the consumer as a company policy. As for sourcing it from another dealer, I think that's a great suggestion, and
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I've come across a problem with a retail store, and I'm not sure who to turn to. I ordered a very specific part from Studio Spares at the beginning of February this year. It's a metal faceplate, made by a German company called König and Meyer. I was given a delivery date of the 19th of April. When the part didn't arrive, I phoned Studio Spares hoping for an explanation. I was told that they hadn't received it in their last K&M shipment, and they were expecting it in the next one. I was happy to wait, as I need the part to use a keyboard stand (
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