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  1. I will, still no reply to the emails, one I sent this morning... My in laws are in their late 80s and really don't need to be bothered with these people when I am paying them every single month and never missed a payment! Thank you again. xxx
  2. Thank you, excellent advice from everyone, appreciate you taking time to reply. I have emailed them and also mailed a hard copy. I have a letter in front of me from them to my home address here in Spain so can't understand why they they are sending them to the in laws. Once again, many thanks xxx
  3. Hello everyone. I am new to the site. I want to know how to stop Mackenzie Hall debt collection agency from sending mail to my In laws home, I have never lived there but do get my bank statements sent there as I live in Spain and have lived here for 8 years. These people have been informed previously that I have never lived there and started sending me letters in Spain but after 3 years of not hearing from them they have again started to send letters to the In laws home again. I have informed them again and again that I do not live there but they keep sending them PLEASE HELP
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