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  1. Will post details later or tomorrow, thanks for you help it's much appreciated
  2. As explained in the beginning, I am new to this and finding it all daunting, will try to sort the detail and revert, much appreciate your help
  3. Many thanks for your prompt response, yes the debt claimant is HFO on behalf of Morgan Stanley and Goldfish, and again yes there is a CCJ and I now have the paperwork.
  4. High I'm new here, so don't even know if I'm in the right section, apologies but in mitigation I am a pensioner. I have recently found out that my husband of 71 has run up credit card debts which had been defaulted on payment, the debt was apparently sold to collection solicitors Turnbull Rutherford, I have now taken charge of trying to sort out the mess, this company has place an attachment to our property, and it appears that the interest has been pilling up, the debt is currently at £21k, I have requested copies of the original signed agreements as per the sale of goods act 1979 sectio
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