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  1. Actually that isn't the case at all. Having checked with my insurances, because the offense was committed AFTER the time the insurance was taken out it doesn't factor in until renewal and even then all our insurance providers, (mine for the car and the bikes as well as the wife's), don't seem at all bothered by 3 points. In fact all advised us heavily NOT to attend a drivers rehab course if offered as the loading is significant due to the admission of the offense. Taking 3 points and a £60 fine is seen as "getting rid of a minor hiccup" and taking the path of least resistance so appe
  2. I've added in this: "Perhaps if you have a photograph of when the offense took place this may well clear the matter up and identify the driver on that occasion? Of course, should the photograph actually show the driver at that time then I will of course offer you my details or my wife's details as the driver of the vehicle at the time of the offense." Better?
  3. Well here's the letter I'll be sending: WanderingBiker 06 June 2013 Ref: Dear Sir/Madam, RE: Enclosed NIP I write in reference to the above. I have filled out the form naming my wife as the driver on that occasion but would ask the following to be taken into consideration. On the 11th of June 2013 I went to see my doctor at because I have a problem with my arms resulting in stiffness and pain. I have been issued with Co-Codamol pain killers for this, I have an appointment with Alfred Bean physiotherapy on the 24th of June and my GP has made a referr
  4. I know the location and time but not the direction of travel. Even with a direction it doesn't help because I would have driven one way and my wife the other. But we can't remember which of us drove there and who drove back which is the sticking point.
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. A few weeks back I got an NIP in the post asking me to name the driver for a speeding offense, (79 in a 60 zone), which is fair enough. My car could have been speeding. However, the problem is I don't know who was driving! It could have been me or my wife. We're named on each others insurance and often share the driving. I'll drive there, she'll drive back or vice versa. The thing is, we don't know the direction of travel when the offense took place and given we'd been on the road where we were caught several times
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