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  1. Hey guys,


    I thought I should update with what has went on.


    I emailed Littlewoods explaining that I've spent (paid) almost £700 to them over the last 6 months, which is on average £100+ in their pockets, however due to the charges on my account, I'd be unwilling to continue this rate of shopping and spending as I feel like I am being ripped off.


    My account was credited for the three charges, so it is classed as a win for me :)


    When I'm on my work PC, I'll upload the letter that I sent into them for anybody else in a similar situation to review and use.


    I'd just like to thank everybody here, as I took a lot from other threads people had creating regarding this issue and it worked out for me. So thanks!

  2. Hi all, I'm looking for some advise from you guys.


    In December I made a purchase from Littlewoods for £650 interest free over 20 weeks. Since then I have ordered a few more items interest free for 20 weeks on the same account. My bills are usually around £90 a month, which is fine that isn't the issue I'm having.


    However, the problem I'm having is my first bill from Littlewoods after December was around the 2nd of January, which I paid on time in full, then my next months bill was the end of January, around the 30th. Again this was after my payday so it was fine I paid it. From there, my bill dates went to Feb 27th, Mar 28th, which were both suitable for me.


    Then the problems began, Aprils bill was due on the 24th which was before my pay date, so I incurred a £12 charge. I emailed them mentioning this is going to be an issue for me as my pay day is usually 27th/28th of each month, they said there's nothing they can do for me. Mays bill came on the 22nd, so I received another £12 charge. June's bill was then on the 17th, so again I got another charge from them. Bearing in mind that I still paid them in full what was owed, some months I paid an extra £20-30.


    However Julys bill has came through now (I've just paid Junes) and is now due on July 12th. Which is almost two weeks before my next pay day, so I'm going to incur yet another charge from them.


    They've previously been advised by me that this is an issue, and they were unwilling to help me regarding this. Is there any action I can take in regards to reclaiming these charges or having the payment date changed that you guys are aware of? I consider myself a pretty decent customer of Littlewoods, however it's disappointing knowing I'm paying higher prices than the high street as well as being charged £12 per month by them.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks, B

  3. As you ordered them from Very and they were sent to you directly from the Vendor, then really Very should have arranged a collection/pre-paid label for the return. Very could send you a declaration letter requesting that you send a proof of posting, however they may not accept the hand written receipt. If they do send a declaration to you for this, then send them a photocopy of the hand written receipt along with the declaration. From their they should contact the vendor about the return and eventually they will either send a replacement or issue a refund.


    I'd recommend contacting them by letter or emailing them from their website.

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