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  1. Hey guys, I thought I should update with what has went on. I emailed Littlewoods explaining that I've spent (paid) almost £700 to them over the last 6 months, which is on average £100+ in their pockets, however due to the charges on my account, I'd be unwilling to continue this rate of shopping and spending as I feel like I am being ripped off. My account was credited for the three charges, so it is classed as a win for me When I'm on my work PC, I'll upload the letter that I sent into them for anybody else in a similar situation to review and use. I'd just like to t
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for some advise from you guys. In December I made a purchase from Littlewoods for £650 interest free over 20 weeks. Since then I have ordered a few more items interest free for 20 weeks on the same account. My bills are usually around £90 a month, which is fine that isn't the issue I'm having. However, the problem I'm having is my first bill from Littlewoods after December was around the 2nd of January, which I paid on time in full, then my next months bill was the end of January, around the 30th. Again this was after my payday so it was fine I paid it. From ther
  3. As you ordered them from Very and they were sent to you directly from the Vendor, then really Very should have arranged a collection/pre-paid label for the return. Very could send you a declaration letter requesting that you send a proof of posting, however they may not accept the hand written receipt. If they do send a declaration to you for this, then send them a photocopy of the hand written receipt along with the declaration. From their they should contact the vendor about the return and eventually they will either send a replacement or issue a refund. I'd recommend contacting them by
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