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  1. Hi Conniff. I think AOL have been charging me for a broadband service but I've never even had a broadband connection with them so I couldn't have used it even if I wanted to.
  2. Thanks caro. Am I right in thinking that there is some sort of restriction on having to make a claim within 6 years of having the policy as I'm pretty sure that I haven't paid PPI to any credit card company for a long time, certainly more than 6 years.
  3. I have had a great many credit cards over the years and have certainly paid a great deal of PPI though none of it in recent times. Unfortunately over the mists of time I've forgotten exactly who I had PPI with, for what period and how much I paid. I've actually been self-employed all my working life and am led to believe that I would never have been able to claim on it even if I'd wanted to. Would I be able to find out this information by asking for an SAR? Would they have all of my information (some of these accounts go back into the 1980s) and should I expect to see all of this information In short, I'm pretty sure I was mis-sold PPI but currently have absolutely no documentary evidence. Is this worth pursuing?
  4. Thanks dx. That's very helpful. If I SAR AOL themselves do I need to ask them for any information in particular or are they obligated to tell me everything they have on me?
  5. I signed up to AOL all the way back in the 1990s and initially connected to their service using a modem. Several email addresses were established with them and I continue to use these email addresses currently. A long time ago we signed up to a broadband account with NTL who went on to become Virgin Media. I accessed AOL through their proprietary software but using the NTL/Virgin Media account for the actual internet access. The narrowband modem dial-up connection to AOL was not used at all after we had signed up to NTL/Virgin Media. I have long since even used their software and have accessed my email accounts through Outlook. It would be fair to say that I haven't kept a close eye on what AOL had been charging me over the years for what was essentially just the provision of email addresses but I recently found out that AOL do not actually charge anything at all for email addresses. Over the last year they have been taking £31.99 a month from me via a credit card continuous authority transaction. Looking back over my records I see various monthly charges of £26.98 and £19.99 going back into 2010. I don't have records of what they were charging me before that but I think it was of a similar magnitude. I believe these charges were actually the sort of charges they make for an AOL broadband account but I have not at any time accessed AOL by their own broadband system. I rang one of their representatives yesterday who wasn't exactly helpful. I asked him why I was being charged all of this money simply for the provision of some email addresses. He wasn't bothered that I have never had a broadband connection with AOL. He also claimed that the £31.99 per month currently being charged was the cost of a narrowband service - something I highly doubt. I believe I have been wrongly charged for a service I haven't received for a great many years and would like to know my chances of claiming this money back. I have written an initial letter to AOL (who are apparently now owned by Talk Talk) but haven't posted it yet. Does anyone have any advice as to how I should go about this?
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