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  1. It is definitely from the DVLA. It says aside from the fees levied by the clamping company I also have to pay this further fee as I broke section 29 or they will take me to court. So angry! But thank you I just hope they will listen to me!
  2. Hi all This is the first time I have posted on this forum but desperately need some advice. In early March this year, I decided to buy a new car and after much research, I purchased a second hand vehicle from a local garage. I paid £6500 for the car - £3000 cash plus £3500 part exchange for my existing vehicle, and as part of the deal I negotiated with the garage, they also threw in 6 months road tax. I picked up my car on the day arranged, exchanged the funds, checked the tax disc was in the car as arranged and left. I was happily driving around in my car for a few months bel
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