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  1. Thank you raydetinu and mariner51, I requested the landlord's details on 6 June by email, is this equivalent to a letter?
  2. You should use the dispute resolution service provided by DPS. You should also request return of the portion of the deposit that is not in dispute and state that you are still in dispute over the remainder. Take advice from DPS before you do this.
  3. Hi I'm new here so please treat me gently. I have a dispute with a letting agent and landlord who will not return our deposit. We have an agreement that is recorded as an ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement’ which states that it is governed by the Housing Act 1998. I have requested on a number of occasions for details of the Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme that they have used and they have not provided any answer. I have also asked for details of the Landlord but again they have failed to answer. The only information I have is the agents details and the line on the tenancy agreement that lists the landlord as ‘person’s name (letting agents name)’. I suspect that the agent, or a family member, is the landlord. I want to start legal proceedings but do not know who I should proceed against, if I take action against the agent for recovery of the deposit will this fail if they arenot the landlord? Does anyone know how I can gain the details of the landlord so I proceed against the right individual? Also, does anyone know if I make a claim through the small claims court whether they have the power to impose a fine for not complying with the TDP scheme or landlord. Can anyone advise me on how I should proceed please? Thanks Martin
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