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  1. Sorry, to add to the previous post, I should have been a bit clearer. The £1,000 I'm owed is from wages that I just haven't been paid. Over time I noticed my wages haven't always been 100% accurate (a few hours missing here and there) I calculated roughly how much I am owed (since I haven't had any payslips bar the ones I mentioned in the post) using the hours I worked vs my hourly pay rate, the money I have been paid and my tax code (like I said, this is what I've been using as a rough estimate only). In effect there has been two problems with my pay, one regarding being paid to mu
  2. I have been working in a bar for over two years now. Payslips come by very rarely. Having JUST received payslips from the pay weeks in February & March I have noticed that what I have earned this year was well over what I thought, so I compared the net pay on the payslips with what was paid in to my bank account. Each week there is about £20-£100 difference between what is the net pay on the payslips (after tax deductions) and what I have actually been paid (shown on my bank statements). I can also see, that despite having a 810L tax code, I have paid tax on all of my earnings to date
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