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  1. I know its processor server cause they told a neighbour they have court orders to serve me and do they know if im in or not, plus he put a note in my door saying they had a letter to deliver and to ring them. I will try to find Court paper, it was from my local county court and it had old company which first owned the debt and now a total different companys name in place. its for the same debt. Dont understand it myself as i didnt know that could happen but i dont know much about Court or Debt as first time its happened to me. Sorry if i am not explaining it very well. on quite stong medication so my memory does get foggy and find it hard to sometimes explain myself well, but trying my best. Thank you for any advice. Jayne
  2. No i don't own my home, don't have anything valuable, don't even have a car. Court made me fill a form out to say what my outgoing and incomes were and what items i had in my home, i filled this in but heard nothing back from anyone until another company took over and is now obviously taking me back to Court cause again the Process server is coming to my address. Person has even put cards through my neighbours doors with my full name on it saying they are trying to contact me. To my neighbours it looks like i done something seriously wrong and its embarrassing. Its a debt, i have not killed anyone or injured anyone and in schemes of things in life then it has low priority in my life, my health and getting back on to road of recovery is more important to me. I found a template letter on this website about proving the debt and also requesting the default notice as i dont remember getting this, do they have to provide this? or cause i already got a CCJ can they ignore this request? and can they still serve me?
  3. hi, thanks 4 reply. its credit card debt. in total i owe around £19,000 with other debt although this one debt is the main one which I'm getting all the court action from. about low income i didn't get an official letter to state it from the Court but person i spoke to in court just made that comment and agreed with me that i couldnt afford to pay anything towards the debt. They sent me court paper around 3 months later to state new company name, it had written the old one and now this new debt collection agency. I been avoiding the process server but they have been coming to my address now on most days. Would they try to bankrupt me? as if i have nothing then what would be the point? can they recall me in for questioning? Confused as to why i am getting called into Court again for and worried, im still in same situation i was when i went to Court for questioning.
  4. Hi, can anyone give advice? as I'm really worried. I got seriously ill and had to say of work while this happened i got into debt for £7000, this debt went to around £10,000 due to them keep adding interest and also court costs. Was served papers to go to court for questioning, i attended court, they agreed that i had limited income and i could not afford to pay anything. Then around 3 months i get a letter from the Court saying another company has taken over my debt, i didnt know this could happen? I am now getting another process server coming to my address and he even asking my neighbours information. If i have no money and rent my home why am i getting taken to Court for again? is it to be made bankrupt and will they take all my money away i have to live on? In future once I'm recovered and get back into work then i would pay but at the moment i just don't have the income. I sent of a letter to ask them to prove i owe debt but not sure if its now to late since i already have a CCJ which i didn't attend court for. At the moment i have £800 in bank which my parents paid into my account to help as i was struggling to survive now I'm worried this is going to be taken. Being ill and having this stress over me is not helping, just really stressing me at present Regards Jayne
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