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  1. Thank you for the advice all, you have eased my nerves. I will stick to my offer of £40. Next time the call will be recorded (they are warned) so if they get abusive and continue to call at work I will complain
  2. Thanks for the advice! Quick question, can this DCA apply for an attachment of earnings and take the amount of my wages? they advised me this would be done swiftly.
  3. Hi all, I am new to this and would like to ask for some advice. Unfortunately I got my self in a payday mess, I have had several which i now have payment arrangements set up. Due to 1 tough month I did not stick to the payment arrangement with WDA and they straight away passed this to DCS (DRS) The amount that was owed before i failed the payment was £340 - DRS have given me 2 options: Pay £401 now. Pay £580 over 6 months I asked them to have a full break down of the charges added which I got the response of " it's the APR mate" I wish I could pay the full amount but I am unable to. I gave them an offer of £40 a month which they declined, I ignored the calls so I could have a think, they repeatedly called my work desk phone which got me in trouble as the calls are monitored. They said they will apply for a attachment of earnings which will be taken straight from my wage (again this does not look good to my boss I imagine), so now I am a bit worried. If £580 over 6 months is the best option to you guys? then I would go ahead and do this, but without exaggeration I will be eating rice for the next 6 months. Also does anyone have any experience with this DCA? I talked very calmly and professionally on the phone and the person I spoke to got excited very quickly like I owed him personally money, I asked them to please stop calling my work phone (stupid me for giving it to them on the WDA application) which i got a response we can call your work phone or your employer at anytime we want. The stress levels with me are on the rise so would appreciate any advice. Many thanks,
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