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  1. Hi Wiseajak, I bought the phone in that state, and I sold it in that state (without knowing about the short circuit - thats only since ive received it back and decided to get it checked out). My problem with ebay is that: 1. They refunded the buyer when they shouldnt have as I did mention everything I knew about it in the auction including the defect (as much as I knew about it at the time) 2. They want the sellers fee even though I have no longer sold anything. I will repay the refund they gave to the buyer (very reluctantly) but the sellers fee... i really dont see why
  2. Hi, Just an update - I did receive phone back, and ebay simply closed the case in there favour with no appeal button (even though they told me it would be there). I have since had the phone properly checked out and found that the board has been short circuited by someone who had changed the screen before I got hold of it. My ebay account is now in arrears not only for the amount of the phone that they refunded but they are also trying to get 10% sellers fees out of me as well even though they are the ones that refunded the buyer!! Unbelievable. I have just sent a letter of compl
  3. This is exactly what I'm finding. So when they do start threatening you with debt collection you say you know what to do.. I don't, could you elaborate? Thanks
  4. So you didn't pay eBay back when they put your balance in to negative? What happened with this? Did they try and chase you for payment or send over any debt collectors?
  5. Thanks Scotgal68, that seems more about a fradulant buyer, this one I dont think the buyer is being fraudulant, but instead are playing the ebay system to get a refund of there money. I don't really doubt I will get the phone returned to me, the problem is that they have returned it on a defect that was already listed and ebay don't seem to listen one bit. I did just read in that last thread however that PP automatically transferred negative balance after 4 days and I did notice that my paypal balance was at £0 when I closed my account.... i have also checked my bank account however and t
  6. Im sorry im in the same position as this, and my paypal account is actually closed right now. Apparently my item is in the post to me now and "I will have the ability to appeal" once I receive the item. Ebays own buyers protection policy does state that they WILL NOT rule in buyers favour if the defect or whatever reason they are refunding it for is clearly listed. So surely they are breaching there own contract with the seller and are liable for a small claims court?
  7. Hi, I recently sold a mobile phone on ebay for £200, I listed in the article twice that the phone had a defect and I had numerous emails from buyers asking about it which I gave full information on, some of them bidded. It was then sold and the money paid - i sent the item out, a few days later the buyer puts in a dispute saying that the item doesnt match description as it has a defect (yes the same one i listed in the article). After a few back and forward emails ebay stepped in and yesterday I got an email saying they have decided in buyers favour - immediately i contacted eba
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