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  1. We had a letter put through our door yesterday saying notice requiring possession. The notice is dated 04/02/2014 but we have never seen it before. They want us out by the 10th of april. We didn't know about this until yesterday. And today there were builders in the back garden and they have taken down the fence and cut the garden in half. The letter through the door said they were removing two fence panels. This is only one days notice. The letter says we have rent arrears of £2300 but we have had it calculated for us and it is only £798. We feel stuck now because we have nowhere to go a
  2. I had no idea he could claim ESA. But the problem with that is I think he will become too comfortable doing nothing at home and we don't want that. He shows such a lack of interest in almost everything, it's such a shame. He loves his playstation and shows some interest in wildlife so we've been looking into that but unsuccessfully so far. He is still on the waiting list for counselling as he suffers with very bad anxiety to the point where he won't leave the house without a lot of encouragement. I think he should be able to do GCSEs from home but the school is refusing so far. Very f
  3. Good afternoon, We're having some problems finding education for my partner's son. He was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and thankfully is ok now and has overcome it but has anxiety and agoraphobia. He went from a normal child to an anxious terrified child in a few years. He doesn't leave the house without his mother and won't go anywhere with lots of people. He waited 2 years just for an assessment for this but is now on a waiting list for counselling and support. He has had 'hospital schooling' from home for the past few years but this has now ended. He only had 5 hours a week so
  4. My partner was with me when we called. She spoke to them first and gave them permission for me to discuss it with them. She just prefers me to deal with these things. And thank you for the replies. We've left a message with the manager again and informed the other person we spoke too but she still couldn't promise anything. As long as we don't get clamped I don't really mind. I'll try and organise something with the manager but at the very worst I suppose we'll just have to make a payment plan with the bailiffs.
  5. Would it just be the local court? And they probably won't have any information from the council yet so will they be able to do anything? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm trying to sort out my partner's finances as I recently moved in with her and she hasn't had the best of years with health problems and son having cancer etc so her finances are a bit like the matrix. But anyway, I've just found out she has a parking ticket that the council say needs to be paid today or it goes to the bailiffs. She is definitely considered part of a vulnerable household (She's on ESA and has a disabled child) but the woman at the council said they will still pass the debt onto the bailiff. Is there any way of stopping it? If she is considered vulnerable then the bai
  7. So it would be best to just go directly to a formal complaint to the parking manager and MP etc? Or is it worth calling the bailiff or the council first? I actually have the direct number for the parking manager so I could try him tomorrow.
  8. Hi again, I'm waiting for the full details from the bailiff but I have now found the letter from the day that it happened. Here are the details and costs: It is from Marston and says I Mr Cutts certified bailiff of the above address am acting on a certificate granted to me by the (random squiggle that we can't read) county court and under a warrant authorised by the traffic enforcement centre at Northampton. Penalty charge / inc court fee £164 Bailiffs attendance costs £146.28 Attendance to remove / removal costs £175 VAT on bailiffs costs at standard rate £64.26 Amount due
  9. Hi again, Thanks for all the replies. I'll get a full breakdown of all charges from them before I go ahead with any more action. There were 2 different bailiffs that she dealt with around that time and I'm not at home at the moment to check but I'm pretty sure this one was Stanford & Green. But I only found out last night that they also did it about 2 years ago for another matter and were paid a total of £500 after clamping and this was when the cancer was at it's worst. I didn't think we could claim that far back but as you say it is up to 6 years ago then it might be worth a go. J
  10. Hi all, It might be a little bit cheeky and not sure if it is possible but thought it was worth a try. i have recently moved in with my partner and we've been sorting the finances and I've found out that she paid over £1000 to a bailiff over the past year. One was for clamping a vehicle and cost just under £600 just for one visit (for PCN). The reason I'm asking about claiming back is because she had a terrible year in her personal life, very bad anxiety and mental health problems. She was the single mother of 3, one who is disabled and all this pretty much tipped her
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