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  1. I opened an account with them in december 2010 and always made my payments on time. A couple of months ago, my ex but boyfriend at the time asked if i wanted to live together. We needed to furnish the place and he asked if i could get some things, our furnitures and appliances with them and he would of course pay his share. I am not even sure how much the debt is but roughly 10k combined. Of course, not all 10k was about the house, i have personal expenses as part of it too. Sadly, i think i jumped the gun too soon as i found the b***ard had about 3 women he was messing around with including one at our work place just before he left. I moved back in with my mum and i havent contacted Littlewoods & its sisters since to tell them of a change of address, hence why im not sure how much i owe, could log into the account if it would let me but im petrified, no payments in almost 5 months. Now, he wont talk to me or acknowledge the fact that now all debts will fall onto me, i, of course want to sell the things i bought but seeing as it was delivered in his name, i can't proof ownership, i cant proof he promised to help pay for the items, i cant proof he hasn't paid me if he tries to claim otherwise. I considered small claims court but i am just exhausted from the whole thing that i dropped it. Trust me, whatever bad things your mind is conjuring up right now about me, i have thought it all. I have been receiving txt msgs from k&co about late payments but no letters, like i said, not changed address back yet but i believe it is only a matter of time untill i am found. What i need to know now is if i can contact them and offer a monthly payment on my terms? I do not want it to get to the stage where i start receiving those red letters. I want to be responsible for my actions but im scared they will turn around and start demanding £200 a month or something and I myself am barely left over with £200 a month after rent, supporting dad and grandparents. I don't want it to get to the point where people come to my mum's house and empty it (of course i do not want to lose my things too) as i am aware this is a large sum of money that i am sure they wont keep quiet about. Advice please
  2. Hi, thanks to all who responded. My bank sent me a chargeback form to fill. I have attached a copy of the confirmation order email they sent me and also a copy of the person who supposedly signed for it, also a copy of my license that shows my signature. I did think about writing a complaint letter but i didnt, i just contacted my bank instead but from all the advice, i have now typed one up and stated that i will hold off my chargeback form for now unless they give me back my money within the next 10 working days but i have like 3 different addresses i'm being told to post the complaint to, so might send to all 3.
  3. I ordered from the dorothy perkins website on June 10th. On June 14th, i called to enquire about delivery and was told it had been delivered on June 12th @ 9:26am. Well, hold on just a minute, i was at work at said time, normally leave home by 8:30am for work. Of course i asked around when i got back home that evening, no one had it. They promised to look into it and call me back. June 18, i called them again as i had heard nothing from them and i was told someone would get in contact with me by the end of the day, but of course no one did. June 19th, someone called me saying that they are requesting further information from the courier and it might take 72hrs for it to be resolved. June 20th, a call to say the courier says they definitely delivered to my address. Dorothy perkins asks if i recognise the signature, well that is not possible as i had not even been sent any tracking information, so they email it to me and of course, i do not. I was then told that unfortunately there was nothing more they could do for me, im sorry? No goods and no money? Are they kidding me? I asked them to tell Hermes to send down their driver so that he can identify where and whom exactly the parcel was left with. They called me back saying unfortunately this would not be possible. I let them know that under the sales of goods act, it is their responsibility to make sure i receive my order, but i was told that there wont be a refund and that was their final decision. £370.40 gone Now, i am not the sort to just sit and shut up about it. I will be sending a written complaint to their customer care with a copy of my signature but what else could i do? I mean, am i really going to not receive my items and lose my money too? Took me 4 months to put that money aside for shopping and now i feel stressed and scr**ed.
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