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  1. Thanks. I'm usually very level headed with things like this. I guess it's the company that un nerved me. Guess im feeling more fragile with everything going on in the world.
  2. I spoke to customer services and they refuse to deal with it so I am putting I formal complaint in writing. So what about dcbl? Just ignore or should I write to them with something to keep them at bay?
  3. Hi, I have just received a letter from dcbl saying they were recovering a debt from ktm online. I had not heard off them on researching I found that its a company name for fonehouse. I got a new phone last year and fell behind because of covid. The original company have never contacted me concerning a debt this is the first I have heard of it. Now I know they are not acting as bailiffs but I want to know the best way to deal with this as I don't want court action or hassle from them. What is their process how many letters. do they send before court action. And.i can.not allow them to visit as it would cause me hassle with my landlord.
  4. Hi, I recently moved house and both me and my girlfriend have many debts between us. Lowells have most of the accounts but there is capquest, dlc and bcw. none of them have our new address, do you think its worth contacting all concerned dca's with the new address or leave them to find us. I have been holding them back with cca but I am concerned that they might just obtain a default ccj at the old address and we wont find out about it untill bailiffs knock at our door.
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