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  1. I understand that I can buy back my cat-d total loss car from my insurers for a certain percentage. I've been told under good authority that this is 15% of the value. However, the insurers are saying that a cat-d is 20%, and because it is an Audi, the salvage buy-back costs more. I have a hunch that they are trying to fob me off here! Can anyone enlighten me? Oh, should I accept the first offer on a claim?
  2. What will the insurers and courts consider the risk to be?
  3. So, if I ask the FOS to consider my complaint under ICOBS, do I still use ICOBS as the basis of my argument when I take it to the County Court?
  4. They phoned me as a result of a letter I sent to them lodging a complaint. I've done all of my part in writing, and will continue to write to them. Now it's what to write and when.
  5. So, Asda has said today over the phone that they will stand firm on their decision and send out a final offer of returning me my premium, but still voiding my insurance. Do I wait until after the letter is received before I threaten them with court action, or do I wait as long as it takes for the likes of the Financial Ombudsman to complete their investigation?
  6. Eldon Insurance, the claim handlers, took my car because it had to be recovered from the motorway. Consequently, it was cat d written-off. And now they are saying they will return my car, and Asda have said today that they will be returning my premium. And my point is that the car is still my property, because the Asda have said the policy is voided from the inception, which means it never existed.
  7. To quote the letter sent from Southern rock, the underwriters: ““It has come to our attention that you are a door supervisor. When completing your policy online via (Asda) to commence on ??st October 2012, you were asked to enter your “Occupation” You entered “Other – Professional”, this was clearly incorrect. Had we been aware of the above at inception of the policy, we would not have offered insurance under any terms. This was material information which you failed to disclose. May I draw your attention Asda’s “Terms of Business” which clearly state the following: Dis
  8. Their reply in writing for voiding my insurance was as simple as "We do not insure Door Supervisors".
  9. Yes, I'll be back on here tomorrow. Thanks for your advice, and I'll read through your link.
  10. No, nobody was bounced out of any club. The individuals who I claim it were didn't/don't know me, and I presume they were just trying to prove a point after being refused entry after closing time by my colleagues. I just happened to be there. I guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  11. I don't understand in which context you mean was it anything to do with my job? Can you elaborate please? Yes, I was at work when the individuals took the nuts out of my car. The police couldn't find anything on the city centre camera's to convict anyone though.
  12. The car was maliciously damaged whilst I was at work, and my car was parked on the road in the city centre near my place of work. Four out of the five wheel nuts were taken out of the rear-left wheel, and the nut that was left in was loosened. My wheel came off whilst I was driving on the motorway on the way home from work. I had to call recovery at 6.30am in the morning.
  13. Thanks for your reply. With what you said in mind, would it not be the insurers duty to ring me once "Other - Professional" had been selected so they could find out exactly what me occupation entails BEFORE insuring me?
  14. Hi all. I recently had my car insurance made void by the underwriters due to them interpreting my occupation as different to what my business ACTUALLY is. Asda/Southern Rock are claiming I should have put "Door Supervisor" as my occupation in their dropdown box. I selected "Other - Professional" from the first dropdown box, and "Security Services" from the second dropdown box. I argue that even though I was performing Door Supervisor duties at the time my car was maliciously damaged, my business includes Surveillance, Security Guarding, Manned Guarding, and other security duties
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