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  1. Hey brig, one quick question .... if I send off the CCA's will it not restart the whole "6 year" process again? Thank you for your help again, Cheers, Matt.
  2. Thank you brig, I will get those CCA's sent off ASAP. I won't touch the others. I have just sent off the inquiry relating to the vodafone account, and have been a reference of #11647748. Thank you, and Lee, for all your help so far.
  3. Thank you for the welcome Brigadier. Here is the info I think you are after: Debt 1: Lender/Type = Santander unsecured loan (no DCA involved) Balance = £1,779 Defaulted = 03/02/2010 Debt 2: Lender/Type = Natwest unsecured loan (no DCA involved) Balance = £5,497 Defaulted = 02/01/2010 Debt 3: Lender/Type = Natwest bank current account (no DCA involved) Balance = £1,344 Defaulted = 30/11/2009 Debt 4: Lender/Type = Barclaycard (shows default satisfied??) I believe Lowell Portfolio are involved Balance = £941 Defaulted = 29/04/2010 De
  4. Good afternoon everyone, I have come here seeking advice to guide me for the future. I've just, very recently, come to the decision that I want to save for a house. I'm now saving, and hope to have enough money for a deposit in 6-8 years time. However, my past haunts me, and I'm lost as to what the best options would be to go about accomplishing my dream. I have obtained my credit rating from Experian, which at the present time is 712 (poor). I have many defaults against my name. This was due to not being able to meet my financial obligations because of losing my
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