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  1. Thank-you, we have just received an email from the hotel, saying they would offer us £48.00 as a gesture of goodwill, this was the amount we payed for soft drinks, but the funny thing is the bill said we used 2 jugs, but they charged us for 6 !! lol, Anyway I have responded quite formally informing them we do require a refund, and if we receive no response I will send the letter before action giving them 14 days. Yes it did cast a shadow, it just was not what we were promised. Thanks for the good wishes !!
  2. Today has arrived and still no response from the Hotel in respect of our complaint, so I have emailed them again really really fed up now !
  3. We are not asking for a full refund, but would expect a decent proportion, as there were issues with the room as well, and errors along the way which the Proprietors have already admitted was entirely there fault. There wasnt a great deal of enjoyment there believe me !
  4. Hi, To be honest, we provided champagne and wine, but they used all the champagne when people arrived, (they had written instruction to serve wine on arrival, not champagne) so there was none left for the speaches. Really the main bill was the food, also I stayed at the hotel the evening before the Wedding and there was the most dreadful smell of oil, so I didnt sleep. I explained this at the time and also in my letter of complaint, it cost me £135.00 just for myself for bed and breakfast. When the Proprietor answered my email she admitted people had complained about this b
  5. Thanks, I have just sent another email, and have been a little more forceful this time !. I have also posted our thoughts on trip advisor, in an honest and straightforward manner. So we do have legal redress, but this will cost a lot of money wont it ?, we are so disappointed as are our guests, even more so now.
  6. Hi, Thanks, yes we have and explained we require a refund, but all we have received back is an email full of lame excuses and the trouble is we really cant afford to go to a solicitor as I have a feeling this could drag on.
  7. Good Morning, I hope someone can help. We recently Married, and had booked a very expensive Manor Hotel for our Wedding Breakfast for 63 people. There were several meetings prior to the Wedding, and the Menu's were distributed to all guests, and choices made well in advance. The venue was stunning, however the Breakfast was thoroughly disappointing. The service was appalling (the top table had finished their courses before the last table had been served), This will sound bad mannered but the food was only warm when it arrived, and on cold plates so if we had not starte
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