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  1. Yeah. Apparently, my details were up from a third party source. I don't know. I'm guessing LendingStream. i received a number of calls from other services after that.
  2. I wish I discovered this forum when I was dead worried about repaying, but so far, Harrington rang when I needed the help and provided me the reliable information that I needed, with a price, obviously. Thank you for the reply, really appreciate all the information you guys share in here. Wish I have found this sooner.
  3. Up until recently, I have been borrowing from multiple payday loans (common mistake, I know) which escalated until I couldn't cover it anymore, ending in a cycle. Since then, I have been with Harrington Brookes to make sure I recover from the scale that I am in. However, despite being assured that my accounts are functional and being processed - Marshall Hoares Bailiffs have continued to contact me by phone and e-mail, until that one threat that they are making that door visit. In which case, made me really worried because I have just told my folks that I have my debts under control (which it is, as I have a repayment plan being set-up). The contact I have at Harrington did say that I must not contact the said bailiffs in any way and only mention that I am already with them and that they are handling it. The big question, after that big phone call threatening you of a visit. How long does it take for them to get here? As I may want to be ready. PS. I am a new member and a desperate one as it is already 8PM and both companies have closed their call centers for the day .
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