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  1. Hi Mr.P, I took one screenshot once it finally logged-in, but despite logging-in, the site still wasn't working properly, and as you will see in the Screenshot, this was within the last couple of minutes of Monday, so I was unable to record today's activity in time. Funny enough, the site started working properly pretty much as soon as it turned to Tuesday. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55630[/ATTACH]
  2. It's only just started working properly. I left an "activity note" deploring how useless the site is.
  3. Is "Universal Jobmatch" DOWN ? I've been trying to log-in all day, as I have to give account of what I've been doing to find work, but everytime I try to log-in it comes up with a blank page.
  4. But that's the problem, if I'm stunk in a Jobcentre for an hour at the middle of the day, the day is wasted, I can't do something more Productive, like for example, CV drops, going to Recruitment agencies.
  5. Hi Mat, Thanks for reply. I've actually been wanting to do some voluntary work for a while now, I'm currently doing a part-time degree, when I asked if I could do some voluntary work I was told No.
  6. What DWP guidance do they use to asses the claimant in question eligibility ?
  7. Erm, I think I have. I have a UJ account which I haven't used for months because it's a pretty useless and constrained system, full of fake jobs and duplicates.
  8. Thanks for replies, I signed off yesterday morning so I could continue with MY more PRO-ACTIVE Jobsearch plan, will sign back on if nothing comes of any of this later next week.
  9. All these silly schemes do, is to actually demotivate, depress, and put me on edge. Whilst actively getting in the way of a real pro-active job search. In what way is it of any help to be doing a Job search at the Jobcentre booked daily at MID-DAY, ridiculous !
  10. Another arbitrary and vindictive exercise. Particularly when I've had since re-signing two interviews, I have another on Monday, kept a daily record of Job search activity, attended all appointments on time at the waste-house.
  11. I'm, or at least was, PWPS, re-signed last month (Rapid Re-Claim).
  12. I found this Daily Work Search Reviews, but not seen anything so far to indicate claimants having to do an actual Job search at the Jobcentre.
  13. Hi, I attended a weekly signing yesterday, and with no prior warning, no explanation, and no documents presented to me, my "Advisor / Work Coach (both disingenuous terms)" has said I now have to come in to the Jobcentre on a daily basis to do a Jobsearch at one of their computers for an hour. I also now have to log-in to UJ daily to record Job search notes in the Activity History. I asked for prove of the legitimacy of all this, and how the decision was made, and was told we can't tell you that, which as far as I'm concerned is unacceptable and nonsense. Anyone got any ideas abo
  14. Had to resign on, because I dont think the Bank will tolerate me using the overdraft facility they provided me, much longer without some money coming in , argh SIGH.
  15. Just completed a 'rapid reclaim', for the last 4 and half weeks I've been off JSA to avoid MWA to look for work. Feel a bit ill now . Hopefully all the effort I have put in will pay off before DWP-JCP put me back on MWA. How long do you reckon I got before they send me onto 'MWA'? A couple of weeks?
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