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  1. Evans halshaw, although northwich branch, it was the are manager that I spoke to
  2. Just to let you know refund was made the same day with a £200 compensation and received a £50 cheque from them yesterday as an apology
  3. Just determination and going through the right channels. Mentioned trading standards but they didn't bat an eyelid. I just spent 2 days calling the right people. They are arranging a TT refund rather than a bacs payment
  4. Thanks for all your help. I've received a call this morning from the TCU of sales who has agreed a full refund and £200 compensation fee because of the hassle that has been caused
  5. Dealer is refusing to accept the car back, has told me that they have done all they can regarding the car and that it is safe to drive (although they don't know the problem ) They have taken car back to main dealership to try and find the problem and will call tomorrow to discuss what the fault is independent garage have said may be timing chain but definately not flywheel. If dealer discovers a major fault they MAY replace the car, they have offered to buy the car back as a part ex against another but no refund
  6. Hi I'm new here and am looking for some advice on a refund on a used car. apologies for long post..... I bought a peugeot 407 (55 plate 86000 diesel fsh) on June 6th from a large dealer. (not sure if should name company here) When I arrived to test drive the vehicle - june 2nd - it had a flat battery and a flat rear drivers side tyre. The battery was charged by the salesman and he drove the car from the forecourt to the service department with the flat tyre(slow puncture apparently) with the promise of that being changed if I was to purchase the car. Because we
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