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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. I will put it in writing to CEO email address tonight
  2. Just rang HQ customer services again. Told me that it is the responsibility of the store manager to discuss with me and they cannot help until i've spoken with him. THey gave me the claims teams postal address if i wish to take it further. Will wait and see what he says and if its no cop, I will be getting the cctv footage off the landlord and write directly to the CEO, cc HSE officer with the complaint.
  3. It was the store manager I spoke to today (or deputy) who told me that it was at the store managers discretion Shop was ASDA
  4. Do you all think its better to contact the ambulance chasers now (I never thought i would but they have got me so mad at the lack of action and common courtesy) or to email threatening that that is my course of action? At the moment i have to wait again until a manager is back at the store, which will be a week and a half after the accident.
  5. I got the names of the guy who hit me and the car, the useless deputy manager, the slightly less useless manager and the person at the HQ. I have recorded dates i spoke to people and time of event. No photos of damage as yet as other cars were leaving, but there will be cctv. Just annoyed that any action will be at the discretion of the store manager despite me being injured and cars damaged and annoyed i have to chase them all the time. Half a mind to call an ambulance chaser
  6. Hey guys, While I was out at my local supermarket a week ago the trolley collector was struggling to keep control of a MASSIVE line of trolleys. He'd hit one car and as I walked towards him the trolleys vveered out of control and he yelled for help. They hit another car but not before I'd managed to slow them somewhat but bent my wrist back in the process and sprained it. The trolley pusher told me "this wouldn't happen if people collected trolleys more often"! and walked off. I thought ... or if you didnt take so many at once!!! My wife told me he'd also hit our car when i got b
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