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  1. I called the Damp Proofing Association and they told me thesurveyor who undertook the Damp Survey was not a qualified person and not amember, I’m getting a proper survey done by one of their experts so we aregetting there now. I cannot thank you enough great advice.
  2. I did not expain, we now own the house, but i keep seeing blogs about There no such thing as rising damp and £4.5k is a lot of money. Any experts on here?
  3. £4500 is a lot of money to us, my question for the expertsis: 1.0 Am I being ripped off by the damp company. 2.0 Should I have to have the work done? We will also need to redecorate and I have had a quote for£1500. But if the whole things a con I’m wasting my money, thinkingof getting an independent survey after seeing these posting: Heritage House-Fraud of Rising Damp Jeff Howell-Rising Damp Myth Architects Journal- RICS says theres no such thing as rising damp My wife is virtually in tears we are first time buyers andsaved 5 years for the dep
  4. We are first time buyers and had a survey undertaken by aPCA registered surveyor, now we have a mortgage with £4500 retention, requiringDamp Proofing our walls. I have done some research and found various sites saying there’sno such thing as rising damp! But I’ve still got to spend £4500 on treatments? Any help guys?
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