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  1. I have also seen a solicitor who has advised me to object to the bankruptcy petition on a number of arguments. If you don't mind me asking what makes your solicitor so confident. Regards.
  2. It all gone very quiet. Does anyone have any updates.
  3. Actually Yes. I received an SD nearly two months ago from Solicitor claiming to be representing a Dubai bank to which I allegedly owe £170k. I have no idea what this is and how it could possibly be so much. I contacted the national debt helpline who said the SD was probably a scare tactic and suggested I write to them for more info. I have since sent 5 requests for more information and breakdown of the amount claimed all sent recorded delivery. They also advised as the debt was 8 years old with no contact that it would be statue barred, they have since changed their mind on this. On this basis I did not set aside but contacted them directly. All I have received is a photocopy of an application form which has my details on for a credit card which I believed was settled when I left. I have now received a petition for bankruptcy for a sum £60k less than the original SD. The petition is a copy and I cannot read the stamps from which court it has been issued.How would I verify this i actually from the court. I have no assets, no job and no way to pay so i'm not sure what they will achieve from making me bankrupt and will obviously be disputing the claim. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you.
  4. Hi Lotuslove, Have you had any response from this forum. Good luck. keep us updated.
  5. Hi Justinh, How are you getting on dealing with these people
  6. Good luck. You are not alone in this situation. Let us know how you get on . Best wishes....
  7. That was my thought and why I didn't set aside. I'm also now waiting.
  8. Does anyone have any further information on this as seems to be a number of us in the same situation. Updates appreciated. As mentioned above can't find anywhere were CWD have been successful.
  9. Thanks for the update. I will post how I get on.
  10. Hi everyone. I am in the same situation, has anyone got further down the line with the process. ie. been made bankrupt.
  11. Hi Justinh, How did you get on with your case? Did you set aside the SD if so how did that work.?
  12. The plot thickens. I called the court listed on the SD to see about setting it aside and they informed me that due to the location of my residence it is not their jurisdiction and they cannot accept it. Is this another example of CWD scare tactics using dodgy paperwork? My question is can they only petition for bankruptcy based on the court listed on the SD?
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