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  1. Ruthbridge wrote to me in December with the usual threats. That was the first I had heard from them. I emailed saying I did not know what the alleged debt related to. They said they would contact to get the original creditor and send me the details of the debt, which they have. There was no formal CCA request, but they've sent the CCA. I think Black Horse repossessed the goods in 2008, sold them for £18k to set against the loan amount leaving £9k. No I've not received a notice of assignment, just the original threats letter, and now the CCA photocopy with a letter asking me to ri
  2. Ah ok. Do I need to do anything with Ruthbridge at the moment or just ignore them?
  3. Ok, two SAR letters, one to Black Horse and one to Ruthbridge it is. Will update if / when there is any reply. Thanks for the advice.
  4. When I send the SAR letter, will that prompt them to send the Notice of Assignment too, or is that a seperate request? Thanks
  5. Thanks both Debt never acknowledged to them. No loan is not secured against a house. No payment protection insurance. The huge donation was probably the goods bought with the loan being repossessed and sold, but that's for Ruthbridge to work out is it not? And then if it was the sale of the goods, do I then need to request all the paperwork relating to that sale? Thanks
  6. I have received a letter from Ruthbridge Ltd asking me to pay a sum of just over £9000 which relates to a loan taken out with Black Horse in 2007 for c£30,000. Ruthbridge has supplied a copy of the CCA and a schedule of payments made on the debt right up to December 2012. The debt was originally defaulted on in 2008 and between 2008 and 2012 a nominal amount of £14 was paid monthly to the original creditor. At that point circumstances changed and that amount was not affordable. However recently I got a loan for a car from Black Horse, and this may have triggered the system that I c
  7. Thanks for everyone's help. It now seems I've exhausted the limit of expertise on this matter, unless earlier posters have anything to add? I'll be submitting my defence over the weekend based on the fact that no one can tell me how the debt was reached. At the moment it's a figure plucked from the air in July 2008 and assigned to two people, one of whom didn't even have that name at the time.
  8. Yes eventually Marlin may be able to find out what they're actually claiming for . Hiowever I don't see how anyone could have a 19k overdraft. The rest of it may well br a previous loan for which the bank might not have the CC agreement as it was pre-2007. is there anyone on here with the expertise on how to word a defence? Shouldn't ask Marlin / Restons to withdraw the action pending them having the right information? Should I out in an SAR to HSBC?
  9. I think what HSBC have done is to lump a previous debt into a current account without my permission. May this be because they don't have the original CCA paperwork?
  10. I have received a reply from Marlin to my CCA request. It reads as follows... Dear Mr xxxxx Creditor: Marlin Europe I Ltd Original Creditor: HSBC Bank Plc Original Reference: xxxxx We write with reference to your letter received in our office dated 1st Juky 2013 for copy of your Agreement (Request Pusuant to S.77(1) S78 Consumer Credit Act 1974). We confirm there is no agreement for the above as it relates to a current account which provides no credit and is not regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. As a company we are at liberty to supply any details we hold
  11. I seem to be missing something here. My reading around the subject of DCAs had indicated that is was their responsibility to prove that the debt exists, and for them to have the correct signed paperwork that the alleged debtor signed when borrowing the money. Surely in this case the onus is on Marlin / Restons to prove the debt exists before any court action can proceed further or negotiation entered into?
  12. Does the date not have to be correct? Surely a bank can't turn round and say 'we've decided you owe us 19k'??
  13. Right, some further update on this one. I rang Restons and they said the debt relates to a bank account opened by myself and the defendant in July 2008. They confirmed that I would have had to sign to open the account. I definitely did not open a bank account on that date. Neither did the co-defendant and her name had changed a year previous to that! It looks like HSBC have opened an account in my name relating to a previous issue without informing me. At the time I was in dispute with them about a mortgage, which I had defaulted on but was then in a position to start paying again. HSBC d
  14. As i genuinely don't know what debt this claim is referring to, should I ring and speak with Restons to see what they think they are claiming on rather than waiting for any paperwork, which may or may not arrive before I have to submit a defence?
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