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  1. They did say that the possible reason they weren't receiving payments from the key is because I have the wrong key, so they duly sent me another one, which is the same key as the one I had before!!!
  2. Hi, I'm in the middle of an argument with Scottish Power about my outstanding electricity bill (according to them) Bit of background, 2 years ago we were in debt with them by roughly £250 and struggling to make the payments to them. We agreed to have a prepayment meter installed with them taking £3.25 per week off to repay the debt to them. 2 years later we receive 2 years worth of bills (having not received a statement for the last 2 years!!!!!) with 6 different outstanding balances on them. Going through the statements I realize 1 years worth of payments were missing off my
  3. Good evening, I'm after some advice regarding references for a new job. My current employer received a letter from a new job I have applied for (and got) today asking for a reference. The HR department asked me to go and speak to them and advised me that they are 'unable to provide a reference until I have handed in my notice of resignation'. Are they allowed to do this? My new job has said it is subject to satisfactory references amoungst a couple of other things, although I did phone them today and because they cant give me a start date of the training course I can't hand my resignati
  4. I have done this and I am pretty certain I have a case. I also spoke to my HR dept about it oday. here response was to say 'Try and talk to him about it!' So much for trying to get some unbiased advice from them!!!!!
  5. Good evening everyone, Just need some advice really. I have a problem with my line manager at my place of employment. History to it is that he chose me to go on an inhouse training course leading to promotion. Ever since he seems to have it in for me and basically keeps saying I'm not improving in the areas I need to improve on, no matter how hard I try but giving me no support, feedback or training to help improve these areas. Everything kind of came to a head on Tuesday, when he pulled me into a meeting room to 'talk to me' about a call he had listened to of mine. It basically was a cas
  6. Hi, Has anyone ever made a subject access request to a housing association before? We are currently looking at a formal complaint againt by housing association but before we do that I want to know what information they hold about my partner and myslf on file. It this possible? If so, can anyone let me know how to go about it and if possible how to word the letter Thanx Wulfin
  7. Hi all, Sent my prelim letter to Abbey on 15th Jan and had a reply back from the yesterday. Have looked through other threads but can't seem to find any that have had this response. Is this a normal letter after sending a prelim letter to them? Dear Miss Hollands Thank you for contacting us and I am sorry that you have been so unhappy that you felt you must complain. One of my team will be responsible for investigating your complaint an I have enclosed our complaints leaflet, which explains our procedure for doing this. High quality customer service is of great importance to us a
  8. Hi all, Have received my statments from Abbey and know I have to send preliminary letter but I have just a couple of quick questions.Which address to I send my preliminary letter to asking for a refund now that I have all my statments? and do I start off with requesting the interest back straight away from this first letter? Also can I claim back counter fees from when they have charged me for withdrawing money over the counter rather than through an ATM? Thanx wulfinuk
  9. Hi all, Just a couple of quick questions. Which address to I send my preliminary letter to asking for a refund now that I have all my statments? and do I start off with requesting the interest back straight away from this first letter? Thanx wulfinuk
  10. Thanks for that. I'll wait and see what the post brings in the next few days. I showed my partner what Abbey charged us in 3 months (£681.13) and he couldn't believe it. I never show him the bank statements or let him know about money as he panics too easily if we have little money.
  11. Hi all, I've been reading a lot about claiming you bank charges back so thought Abeey have charged me a lot over the years and I want it back as it is so unfair. Anyways, I sent of my S.A.R on 12th december and got a reply this morning. Want to know if this is what they normally send out. Dear Miss Hollands Thank you for your letter dated 12 December 2006, which we received on 15th december, requesting information on your bank account. I also acknowledge receipt of your £10 fee. I confirm that arrangements have been made for the information you have requested to be sent to you. Th
  12. Hi all, I have seen other threads about telewest charges being recaimed and was wondering how to go about doing it? Where do I start? I have a long standing issue with them where I wasn't paying by dd because they wouldn't let me have my dd on a date I chose so was paying monthly by debt card and was having to pay the £10 late payment charge and the £4 non dd charge. How do I go about starting to reclaim the charges they have put on in the last 4 years? Wulfin
  13. I think this terrible procedure. Saying that I called them today to ask for a copy of my original agreement and asked them to only contact me in future by letter and they did actually ask me to confirm all my details. I think my complaint last time actually worked! can't believe it!:o
  14. it was a typo i meant to say to carry on dealing with moorcroft not cabot, what can I say I'm excited about the fact its xmas tomorrow:D Glad to of been of help Wulfin
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