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  1. Hi mate thanks for replying phone is with me now, i cant find the exact link, i think maybe samsung have had it removed but it was of a picture of some korean guy in a suit on a stage and with the quotes of what he said, it looked like a genuine site... maybe they paid them off? or i just cant find it? Yeah i'm only 21 and i've not actually got a soliticor of my own and have no funds to pay for one :/ anyone know of any tricks i could do? ring them up and explain my rights? Three never sold insurance for this phone, well thats wha i was told when i asked at point of sale. still have
  2. Hi everyone - first post. Sorry if i go on. Basically, bought a Samsung galaxy s3, dropped it 20 days after purchase, screen cracked but worked perfectly still for another 6-7 months.... until it suddenly shut off. I did some research and found out about my particular model the gt i9300 had a system design fault which meant after 200-300 days the phone suddenly dies and becomes a useless brick. Samsung have acknowledged this publicly and have said they will repair the phone's under warranty. They have also made an update to fix the problem in the software that normally prevents t
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