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  1. Hello, My husband is in an IVA which started in 2008. He stopped making payments in 2011 and the iva has now gone into failure. My main question is, can the creditors chase us to Ireland? And also, can they make him bankrupt here in Ireland for the uk? I realise debt is debt wherever you are so will his iva failure show up on a credit check here in Ireland? We do not own property here or any assets but had hoped to buy next year with family help and a small mortgage. My husband works and makes a decent wage and we have successfully started to clear and pay off his outstanding debts. Bit unsure as to what will happen now regarding the iva failure and what it means for us.. It's all a big mess at the moment which I'm trying to sort out! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks so much,
  2. Hi, Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately after submitting an income and expenditure form the iva company has terminated the agreement. We are living in the Republic of Ireland and have no assets like houses or cars or actually savings. Could they chase us over here through the court system for the debts. Also none of his creditors from the iva show on his credit report, just the iva as a court judgement. The ppi remains a cloudy issue, we have requested all details of ppi payments made. Now the iva is in failure I presume that we can claim the ppi and then keep the money/use it to pay off any other creditors? And that we do not need to do this through the iva company itself or the agency they recommend? Thank you so much for your help and response, it's all a bit confusing to me and my husband just burys his head in the sand.
  3. hello, I recently sent a letter to Natwest claiming financial hardship and asking for charges to be refunded. My account was a student account with the student overdraft, however when I graduated it went to a normal account + overdraft. I had been using the account even though I was overdrawn, as money would go in and out monthly but there was always enough left in that I was managing to pay off the overdraft. Im now up to 1400 on the overdraft and since January have been charged crazy high interest and overdraft fee's. We recently moved to the ROI and my husband (who Im financially reliant on) became unemployed. He is working now but I have copies of all of our Irish social welfare etc for the last few months. I explained to Natwest that it is basically their own interest and charges that are making me go over my overdraft each month and that any money I do pay into the account is being taken completely by charges and interest. I am stuck in a cycle now of paying a useless £50 a month and seeing the overdraft not decrease at all. I cant afford to pay off any more at the moment. I received a pretty standard letter back from them 2 weeks ago basically saying that they wont refund me the charges as they subscribe to the lending code and the charges are fair. Interestingly they also state that "we have arrangements in place to deal with customers sympathetically and positively when it is identified that they may be experiencing financial difficulty". They then go on that they are satisfied the charges I seek to reclaim were properly charged and that the supreme court judgement of 25/11/09 upholds their position. Im a bit stuck on what to do? do I respond and send more proof of hardship? and try and claim again? Or shall I go straight to the financial ombudsman (natwest kindly sent me a leaflet about how to go about this!) The charges only total about £400 but if I got them I would take it off the overdraft which would then stop further 'overdrawn' charges from happening. Any advice much appreciated!
  4. Hello all, My husband has an IVA which he started in 2008 and which was made up of business debts to the tune of about 13K. He has 5K remaining on it and its due to finish next year. We have recently moved abroad and he stopped paying the IVA, so it has gone unpaid for roughly 9 months (unbeknown to me at the time). I am on a bit of a quest to sort out our finances at the moment so have taken over all his affairs, I dont know much about IVA's so am looking for some advice please. He called Debt Free Direct, the iva company, a month ago to touch base, apologise for missing payments, let them know we had moved etc. They informed us that the account had been passed on for 'failure' because he had not paid it and had also not responded to communication from them, but that a hold note had been put on the account pending further communication from us. My questions are - What does IVA failure entail? if it means it stops then will he get a load of creditors after him again even though we are no longer resident in the UK. He took out a credit card a year ago, I believe this is not allowed under the terms of the IVA. We are now stuck trying to repay vanquis which means that an IVA payment would have to be less....however, if we admit all of this will there be huge trouble? The IVA is due to finish next year, because he missed 9 months of payments, do they extend the term by 9 months? or will it end and have a lump sum outstanding? I believe there is PPI on the account as have looked through statements and it shows up. Can we reclaim this to be taken off the balance outstanding on the IVA? What can the IVA company do to us now we have moved abroad? is his IVA even still legal? What do I do and where do I go from here - as in the best way to deal with this, any letter templates, stories from others.....anything would help!! Do I write or do I call?? I have had some great advice from this forum so far and feel so empowered by it! Thanks all.
  5. My husband had a Vanquis card which he has always made minimum payments on. We recently relocated to the republic of Ireland which we phoned and told them. We also told them that my husband was currently unemployed (we moved because of extenuating family circumstances so for a month or so were on benefit). They said they would send out forms so he could take a payment break as in line with the repayment option plan he had been paying. T hey refused to accept our new address in the ROI, sending two statements and an 'impact debt collectors' letter to my husbands mums address - but no forms. We tried to make the payment for this month (about £50 over the minimum to start paying it off) and the payment was declined, after calling vanquis twice they have told us they are unable to take any further payments by debit card on the account as we are no longer resident in the uk. The card has been stopped. All this is fine - but they are adding charges and interest daily, have not cancelled the Repayment option plan as requested a month ago, AND we are unable to pay it off at all. Not because we dont have the money (we have even offered to pay it off in full) but because they will not accept a debit card. Our main UK accounts are closed so we dont have cheque books, and we were told over the phone they would not accept payment from someone else, so even asking parents to write a cheque would not work! We even tried to pay with an english debit card registered to an english address but they would not accept it as the Vanquis account is closed. I am at a loss of what to do. The card limit was £500, but with charges and interest is now over its limit and stands at £650 and rising on a daily basis, this includes a monthly charge for repayment option plan that cant be used!! It is costing me a fortune to call their customer support number, they wont send post to our Irish address...what do I do? We have paid down a lot of debt and cleaned up our credit reports with the view to getting a small mortgage over here in the next year. I don't want all our hard work to be undone by Vanquis!! I have written a complaint letter and had no response, presumably because they will not accept our address. Any advice? Surely what they are doing cant be right? In addition to the above, I received a letter from the UK (sent to my mum in law) yesterday dated 24th June, which says "we can not verify your debit card and have had to suspend your account temporarily" and that in order to resolve this matter please could we provide evidence of the debit card being held in our name and registered to our current address. "We require a photocopy of the front and back of your debit card. We also require a copy of a statement for the card to which your card is linked". It also states on the letter that if they do not receive the copies in the next 14 days then they will accept no further debit/credit card payments on the account. Then we were told on the phone last week that they had stopped them anyway!!! I am a bit dubious about this! Any advice at all would be much appreciated.
  6. Thanks so much, will contact them in the morning and start paying off. I honestly cant thank you enough for your brilliant advice and help, this process seems a lot less daunting now!
  7. Thank you so much for your help with that. We are hoping to buy a house in the next 2 years here, we have a large deposit from family and moved to be closer to them. However any mortgage application has been set back because of my husband being made unemployed. I will leave the three above well alone then. The other thing showing up on my husbands credit record is a very recent CCJ (I didnt know about it until a few days ago, as I said, we are not in the best financial shape) Its from Northampton County Court, the only information I have is what shows up on the equifax report, and my husband threw away any paperwork relating to this. The amount is 350, but I have no idea who this is owed to. What would the best way to go about this be? Date in the court shows as Jan 2013 by which point my husband had already moved over here (we joined him in March). Would a letter with our new address be worth doing? or better to call up and make a payment plan? Thanks so much for the advice!
  8. Hello all, New here and after some advice. My family have recently moved to Ireland, we have 2 AIB bank accounts (in good order) and are paying hefty savings in to an Ulster bank account. We have no credit cards here, and pay all bills etc on time. We moved from the UK, where my husband has lots and lots of bad debt. not a large amount, just owes lots of different people.I have two debts outstanding from a long time ago. I have some questions regarding tidying up our credit reports a bit.... 1) I have a defaulted store card marked on my credit report as 'HP from CL Finance' which defaulted 20/08/2007. I have not really communicated with them, and certainly have not had any written communication in the last 3 years. I am under the impression that after 6 years on your report a default just 'drops off' as it were? If this is the case should I just wait for the 2 months for this to happen, rather than try and do something about the debt? 2) I also have an old overdraft with Halifax, its £2600 so quite a lot. It was sold to Arrow Global, and marked as defaulted in 2008. However it is marked as 'updated' in October 2012 and recently I had a letter from Parkgate Investigations telling me they have been instructed to make enquiries into my current financial position and to avoid the commencement of enquiries I should call them asap. They also threaten doorstep collection. The thing is, I have moved country! so doorstep collection will go to whoever now lives in my past address, and even if they do look into my financial situation they would see that I am unemployed (my husband financially supports me and our 4 nearly 5 children) and unable to repay 2600 in full. Any advice about this would be much appreciated. 3) My husband has an outstanding debt from 'communication lowell portfolio" again defaulted in 2008. The amount is £360. He has had no communication from these guys again certainly in the last 3-4 years. Whats the best way to go about this one? write to them? or again ignore? Do we have to tell past creditors that we have moved abroad? What is the best way to go about this situation? We are hoping to buy property here in the next year or two (with help from family) Thanks for any advice or help you can give.
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