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  1. Hi All, First off thank you, thank you, thank you for everyones help - especially Ell-enn. I went to court today and have had the application suspended I understand from previous post's that it is in the interests of other users to explain the process a little to possibly help/reassure others and feel it is the least I can do! First off, felt sick with worry this morning and have been feeling like this since the eviction date was given last month. I got to the court about 45 minutes early but in all honesty my first and only mistake was not asking if the duty officer was
  2. That statement is brilliant Ell-enn. Am going to make the necessary amendments now and print everything off tomorrow morning. Thank you so much and will definitely let you know tomorrow how I got on.
  3. Hi James, Do you work at KM? If so do you think based on what I have laid out that I can come to an arrangement before court or before the eviction? All I have been told since this all started is that the only people that can deal with my account and make a decision is the Evictions Team, so don't know how you would be able to assist? I can call, but will be tight as got to be in court at 10.00am?
  4. Hi Ell-enn, If you could help me with a statement that would be appreciated. I have spoke to KM on the following dates; 24th May 2013 28th May 2013 30th May 2013 3rd June 2013 x 3 6th June 2013 10th June 2013 11th June 2013 x 2 gf 12th June 2013 x 2 13th June 2013 14th June 2013 I have also sent them 2 bundles of paperwork/proof, but no arrangement agreed. I am offering to pay £448.02p per month which is £382.87p for contractual amount and a further £65.15p towards arrears. If I understand this Norgan rule then that should be ok shouldn't it?
  5. Hi All, Thank you so much for all the help and advice. I have already printed my budget sheet for next month onwards and have done copies. Have got details of my payments and the authorisation codes and trust that should suffice. This is definitely the 1st time an eviction date and time have been set, and if I am really honest, usually when I have spoke to them previously they have been ok in terms of making arrangements, but something with them seems different this time - as if they wan't me to get evicted. I have been so stupid as well, they have been keeping me hook
  6. Hi again Lea_HTH, Thank you very much for your reply - especially so late in the evening. I have made an additional payment of £150.00 (part of the surplus income for this year) last week whilst I was waiting to get paid and when I did get paid on Friday 14th June I made that payment of £448.02p as said earlier - that is the most I can pay this month. Just been looking at old paperwork and looks like you are right, think court made order for possession that was granted in January 2012 and I made my arrangement with KM direct. Will get to court early and ask if their is a du
  7. Hi Lea_HTH, Thank you also for your reply. I think I am confusing myself with the legal jargon. I have never been to court for my mortgage before and the court has never ordered me to pay a fixed amount - I am aware KM have been to court though over my arrears but I have never attended. The arrangement I defautled on was an arrangement made between me and KM, not via the courts. I was referring to a letter KM sent me which reffered to "An Order for Possession" and that's what I meant earlier. Also, as for my income & expenditure - my income is so confusing in terms of cha
  8. Hi Ell-enn, Thank you very much for your reply. I have completed a budget form this afternoon and have printed 3 copies; for myself, the judge and the KM representative. Will be ok that my Income & Expenditure for this month show's I have £250.00 per month left at the end of each month? This is after my proposal of £65.15p? The reason I have not increased my offer is because the left over amount is because I have been on a job secondment and this is due to end next month and want to propose an offer that I can keep to when this happens? At question 10 of the N244 form I b
  9. Hi Newborn, Thank you for the reply. The payment was taken by Becky in the Evictions Team and she also said that by me making the payment it would not stop the eviction, so they have not accepted the arrangement and are still proceeding. I am the sole owner of the property, why do you ask? Do you think I have any chance of preventing the eviction form going ahead? I have been on the internet doing a lot of searches and am wandering wether on the basis of the "Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society vs Norgan" ruling that I can't be evicted? At least that's what I am
  10. Hi all, As you will see I am a "newbie" to this site and it's forums so please go easy on me in terms of judgement :-s My Story: I have had a mortgage with KM for 9 years and for the first 6 of those years I was keeping up with my payments. However, 3 years ago I lost my job and fell into arrears. I have been making payments on and off for the last few years and during this time missed a few more payments. KM has been to court - around January 2012 they were given a possession order. Since then I have been on an arrangement plan with KM and agreed to pay £440.00 per
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