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  1. Now Malc, Let's get some facts straight, here..."Just the Facts" !... FIRSTLY "The name change is descriptive only and has no impact on your account." The Impact on my account is that my standing-charge has increased from £37.97(48) p.a. to £142.49(6) p.a. This was the ""paying-the-price"-of failure" point in my original thread; The "Lobbying" & subsequent introduction of "simplified tarriffs" is simply a consequence of (your) failure to establish a credible Energy-Strategy...witness the warning recently announced that "Industry & Commerce may well need to prepare for Energy-Rationing between the hours of 16:00 to 20:00, this coming Winter (2013/2014). Now, you may claim that the premium I now face is to help pay for "Infrastructure & Maintenance" of the Network...I would suggest that that's a euphemism for "Help, please? We're in the mire. We need some extra cash to throw-at anything we can think of; including futile experiments with Wind, and Wave"...I rest my case! SECONDLY "This is also unconnected to the online management service. If you're having problems entering meter readings online, this will be another, unrelated issue " Not wishing to tip-the-apple-cart here, but, this most definitely IS related. Your on-line account management no longer functions!...your highly-skilled & qualified I.T. department are unable to accommodate the fact that my power-consumption has (suddenly) dropped to zero...Hey, it's Summer ...I don't use my heating, right now!!! If you must place a window over my useage-pattern, at least make it recognise that I've switched my heating off and stop telling me that "(your) consumption is inconsistent with (your) usual useage"...I would like to resume Managing my Account on-line, for now...This is impossible!!!
  2. E.ON changed my "plan" [see "title"] (January 18th 2013), presumably at the behest of "D.E.C.C."...another one of "Dave's" BIG-IDEAS!!! I now have no control over "on-line" account management...submitted "meter-readings" are refused. I have five circuits; "Day", "Night", "Boost", "Heatwise" and "Heatwise night". Now, because my "Heatwise..." consumption has fallen to zero (I do not use heating during these Summer-Months)...E.ON have decided that "your consumption is inconsistent with your usual useage"...consequently my on-line submitted readings are refused! They (E.ON) promptly invoiced me for a Bill, which is not due...I refused to pay; my payment history is impeccable...I pay quarterly "on demand"...THIS IS INTOLERABLE. E.ON extol the virtues of "on-line" account management but they are unable to "deliver"...this is clearly misrepresentation. I strongly urge every customer of E.ON to switch ! I have (had) a perfectly satisfactory [contract] with E.ON for thirteen years; this is a debacle. It is clear, from my correspondence with D.E.C.C. that this [situation] is due to "lobbying" by the "Big six"; of which E.ON are one. The introduction of "simplified tariffs" is simply a manifestation of this Government's failure to address [our] lack of an energy-strategy; we are now "paying-the-price" of failure! The only long-term solution is to invest in "Nuclear"; meanwhile, us consumers have to pay-the-price of [futile] "experiments" with WIND!!!
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