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  1. the jobcenter referd me to this agency callled reed in employment about 7 months ago. i have got nothing from them since i been with them. the first few months they seem to forget about me and now my last 3 appointments they have failled to turn up first time i waited at the job center over 20 mins to see my reed in employment adviser when i saw her the week later she said she had to cover a workshop at the last minuete . no apolgy or nothing. second time the apointment was to meet at the jobcenter but i get a text after saying the venue been changed. i kept
  2. has anyone else here been referd to reed in employment. i been with them about 7 months now and my last 3 appointments they failed to turn up. the first was a change of venue the second i got a text nearly 2 hours after the appointment saying its canceled and today i get a text saying my advisor is ill. i got the text at 12 18 and my appointment was for 12 30. i made a complaint to my workcoach now. thats 3 wasted journeys and petrol plus im still waiting for my fares from the last course i attended
  3. dont let them get too you they are just trying to make it hard for everyone.. they are not there to help you anymore its all about reaching targets for them.
  4. i always put the jobs id number on the universail jobmatch site but i dont always log in every day
  5. i just got a warning from my jsa coach about not applying for enough jobs. i just find im looking at the same jobs but from differnt sites agencys ect. my question is can they check up on jobs you apply for where you have to email the company yourself
  6. hi i wanted to ask a question. i hear its a matter of time before our jsa coaches will tell us we have to either sign on every day or do 35 hours voluntery work. i noticed the jsa adviser next to me was telling someone they had to do one or the other but my adviser not mention it to me yet so my question is if i find my own volunteer placement will i then be okay or will the jobcenter just force me to do more hours and if i sign on every day will they pay my fares. i really do not believe in working over 30 hours for nothing. the jobcenter used to say you could ol
  7. yep theres a list of a few types of jobs.
  8. sorry i was meant to say its just work experince. no job
  9. i see now loads of chairtys have pulled out of the voluntary work scheme so now i went into my local jobcenter and they have leafleats about various jobs if your intrested in any of these roles quote the refernce number to your adviser then theres like a list of about 4 differnt types of jobs lol i wonder if anyone took this up that then i bet your told its 30 hours lol
  10. i was told about a month ago that i had to sign on every week but today they tell me its going back to every 2 weeks
  11. update. i went on that 2 day course last week. i sat arouund with about 9 of us while someone from reid spoke about what i will do next to inprove my chances of finding work. the lady was really nice but im still waiting to get my fares paid back from her boss. i found out im being put on another course for 3 days in june something called 3g course. i feel like im just being passed around. oh that letter never showed up. the one that told me where i had to go on that first course.......
  12. i bet this dont make the news. thats why i stopped buying the sun. they never cover sad storys like this one.
  13. yes cv spec letters interview skills ect i done that with every course i been on. everyone telling me there cv desings are better then the last one. but like you say its only for 2 days. i been on some that have been every day for 3 months.
  14. http://www.reedinpartnership.co.uk/about-us anyone else had dealings with them
  15. its not dodgy. my adivsor put me with some company called reed in partnership. anyway i did not get any text and the letter has not turned up. the jobcenter is open at 9am so ill go there and find out where im meant to be. all i know is they are trainning me up for something. it better not be to work 30hours for no pay because i wont do it. i dont mind 20 hours a week and a place i want to work in but not being put anywhere just to suit them..
  16. if you use universal job match then tick the box that stops them checking your job searches. so this dont happen again. i hope you will fight if they sanction you. most appeals are succussfull . i not had hardship in years but it used to be that you ring up and they book you an appointment then you go to an office and wait ages in a room full of other people then you have to convince them that you have no other money or savings. Good luck
  17. this is bloody crazy. i got a call from reid employment agency at 15 40 and im told im due to start a 2 day course on monday. i told her this is news to me. nobody told me at the jobcenter yesterday when i sign on. she said a letter was sent out on monday. i said but monday was bank holiday. anyway i not received the letter. she said she hopes i attend so i dont get into trouble with my advisor. she said she will text the postcode of the place i have to be but i not even got that text. so unless the lettter comes tomorrow then i have no idea where to be on monday mo
  18. thats what i thought. when i went to the group interview they had us sitting round 6 tables and it took 2 hours and they said they had another group before us. so glad i did not get through that stage because then 6 weeks full hours working with no pay only to get an interview is taking the pee. also at the jobcenter they are training floor walkers to sign people on now lol
  19. had my weekly signing today and the job center was full of us. cant see this working if we have to sign on daily . downstairs they had a sign anyone here for the marks and spencers interviews so after me being 1 of over 30 people that had a group interview over a month ago they now want to get more people in to do the 6 weeks non paid training lol
  20. i went on seetec about 3 years ago and its horrible. you have to go there every day from 9 30 untill 4 30 and if you dont get there early then you dont get to use a computer. you have to sit around reading the local papers. i went on ingeous more recently and that was okay because you only get to see them once every 2 weeks and sometimes they would forget about you. plus its normally for about 30mins
  21. UPDATE i had an appointment to see my jsa advisor today. he asked me to wait while he goes and has a word with hes boss about about what to do about trying to sanction me then he comes back and says they cant sanction me as i never got anything in writing about the course. course lol i thought it was a job. anyway i said thats good news and he said is it. so i said of course it is. stopping my money wont help me look for job then he said i can apply for hardship. lol anyway im okay for now.
  22. if you cant do good for someone then why do bad for them. just let them get on with it.
  23. is it worth writing to my mp. can they help. i had no idea when i agreed to go for the interview that i would be put forward for 9 days unpaid training. is it my advisors fault or the company. i mean why does he have to get me to fill forms in .
  24. my jsa advisor rings me up tuesday and ask me if i want to apply for toby cavery jobs so i said yes so i went for the interview at the jobcenter last thursday. there was loads of us there having quick interviews. then on friday about 4pm my advisor said they liked me and now i have to go for 9 days training at the local town hall with other people and after the 9 weeks i will get another interview with toby cavery. i had no idea this was going to happen again after i went on the course for the marks and spencers . i had a telephone interview passed that then had to go for gr
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