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  1. Many thanks. It was bought from ebay which did have a generic note saying there may be taxes I would be liable for certain items, but never had any before and assumed the £25 postage I was paying would be sufficient for clothing. Certainly didn't say anything about clearance fees. I've had nothing to suggest the seller was aware I'd be paying extra charges, although don't really want to end up in a dispute with them, my beef is with parcelforce.
  2. Hi all, really in need of a bit of advice. I ordered a fancy dress costume from the US towards the end of May paying c£25 for item and same again for delivery via USPS express mail. Despite entering the UK within 2 days it was not delivered 6 days later and is now past the date I needed it by. I have received a letter from Parcelforce saying I need to re-fund them £7 for import VAT and £13.50 for 'customs clearance fee' that obviously I never authorised. The letter said they will return it to the seller after 20 days if I don't pay. My question really is what would happen if I didn'
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