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  1. cobbetts have moved to bigger offices due to the amount of business they are getting fro mthe Bank!
  2. Thank you Gismo111, Now I am back on the case after sorting out another matter, your claim information will proved to be very helpful. Thank you very much
  3. I have now got back my bank charges in total some £3,400. But three years ago the bank wanted / forced me to take out a loan for £2,700 to clear an unoffical overdraft. On top of this they added PPI at £900. I am still paying the loan each month. But it is clear to me that if they had not squirrelled my money away in the first place I would not have required the loan. In fact I would have money in the bank! So what are my chances of getting all my money I have paid on the loan and applying contract interest rates of 20% odd? Can any help?
  4. If they only allow 5 minutes for the review, what exactly will happen - for example by the time you have said who you are etc the time will have passed. Or might it be longer than 5 minutes. Will the bank's solicitors actual turn up, or will they find some devious way to stay away and simply waste my time? Umm.....if I go fully armed, what should I take? (Shotgun perhaps?)
  5. Bicester1 - Many many thanks for you comments. This is most helpful. Can I ask therefore if I should go fully armed?
  6. Linda, Thanks for reply. I am sure someone can tell us what a 'Pre Trial Review' is. However, the lack of replies might mean the experts don't know.........(Red Rag to Bull hopefully)
  7. Thanks for comments. Let hope someone can help us soon with this question.
  8. I have got a letter this morning from the court setting a date and time next month for a 5 minute Pre-Trial Review at the county court. Can anyone tell me what will happen? Is this just to sort out the paperwork, or will things be decided? The time is set for 11:30am. Could I change this time to earlier as it cuts the day in half and I won't get paid. Help appreciated.
  9. You will perhaps see they take into account the cost of insurances etc first, and then finally what is left is paid towards the car. Therefore whilst you think you have paid £3500 for the car it is less becasue of the deduction for the insuracnes etc.
  10. and the daily interest until you recieve claim in full....then send letter to courts to cancel action.
  11. This six year rule is a bit of a funny one. If a bank claims it has been asking for its money from 8 years ago, but did not have : 1). your correct address, becasue you moved and they did not update their records. 2). your latest name, as you remarried. Does the six year rule still apply, or would the court see that you have avoided them?
  12. This is such a fantastic website. I really want to easily print out the quetions and reply, so I have refer to them later. Does any one know an easy way. Really all the various points should be put in a book, as it is such useful information, and so so valuable. It is worth ££££££'s But how can I easily print it out so I can read it all on the train, or in bed.....?
  13. Um.....same thing happened here........then about two weeks later a cheque for 'full amount' arrived, with letter saying they could not be bothered taking it any further. But the cheque was short of a few hundred pounds, so I took in part payment and wrote back asking for the rest - giving them the sums. Then another cheque arrived for balance. so I think you can plan for a small party in three weeks or sooner! Someone else will point you in direction of letter. keep smiling Marmot
  14. Yes Car Credit, Similar problem here. Returned car after 3 years with 1 year of agreement left, as I purchased a new car. Howver they say protection insurance cover etc was purchased on orginal day of sale, and still needs paying off, as cost was spread over 4 years. Do I still need to pay this, despite having no car?
  15. Thanks Bookworm, What I would like to do is simply send a letter to ask for as much money as possible related to this ex-overdraft. I would hop they would either make me an offer, so just pay it. The fact that they refunded charges, and this is used as the basic for not requiring the loan in the first place will put them on weak ground from the start. I can still remember the little **** who sold me the PPI. I think he pick a number of the air and that was his commission. How to work out the interest I really don't know. Should I allow the contractual interest rate less the actual bank rate, month by month. That will provide an acurate sum of what I have lost. If I took it to court then would I add on 8% as well?
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