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  1. Hi Nicky, Well today I rang tax credits and said I wanted to close my claim down as I have started to live with someone. They didn't ask many questions at all and just said that I would now not receive any further payments from them and did I want to do a joint claim. I said not at this time but that I may in the future. Which I wont!!. I feel better for doing this and hope that will be the end of it but who knows. At least I got in first and got the claim stopped. My husband also rang tax office and got that sorted too. Hopefully it will be okay.
  2. We are only linked financially via council tax. x
  3. Thanks for the advice. The thing I am worried about is that obviously we got married in 2006 and so I cant really say my partner has just moved in coz as soon as they see his surname is same as mine I think alarm bells will ring.
  4. Hi, Please help...especially Nicky19 if you see this as I read your post. Although mine is a lot worse. I have been claiming tax credits since 1999 when my son was born and when me and his father were together. When we split in 2000 I changed the claim over to a single claim. I met my next partner in 2001 and moved in together. I still didn't change the claim over to joint..stupid I know. We got married and had a little girl in 2006 and still I did not tell tax credits as we have separate bank accounts and his money is his and mine is mine. The last house we lived in my husband owned and
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