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  1. Thanks again folks. I'll follow this advice. I hope it doesn't come to court action but I suppose I'll have to cross that bridge hen I come to it. I'll keep you updated on the progress (or lack thereof - fingers crossed). Namaste, JR
  2. Thanks for the feedback folks. It's much appreciated as this is a difficult time. Do you have any advice about how to stop the debt collectors harassing me on my return? Is it best to deny that I am am who I am and hope they go away or should I say I am who I am and get a solicitor involved if they harass? Do you have any links to some template letters I could send to help alleviate the situation? Thanks again! JR
  3. Dear CAG, I am a UK citizen who is resident in Dubai, UAE. I lost my job a couple of weeks ago and am not having success in finding employment. I have a personal loan for AED 180,000 (around 30k Sterling) and in 10 days, the next payment will default. I am acutely aware of the penalties of this. My security cheque will be bounced criminalising me and making me eligible for a prison term. I have booked a flight back to the Scotland and I am looking for some advice. I have been crawling the web for the last week non-stop to find any case of a UAE bank successfully recovering
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