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  1. I'm surprised a site Team member labels everyone idiots because they pay for a branded product?? is this not a case of educating people to be more aware that these products can be purchased in cheaper forms albeit with less pretty packaging and gimmicky adverts?
  2. one thing that confused me on Thursday was my brother was allowed to speak for me but at the first Tribunal ( it was postponed for the GP to actually bother his ass to fill in the medical questionaire) I was told that whilst he could be ppresent he would not be allowed to speak up on my behalf. seems that somebody doesnt know the rules.
  3. ty DD they are refering me to the work related group whatever that may be. it really hasnt sunk in yet that I actually won. thank you all so much for your help and support xx
  4. OMG!!!! DD -Margaret and everyone - I won!!!! :D
  5. Hi DD, thank you thats very sweet of you. Unfortunately Mr Landlord has £££ signs in his eyes as an empty field next door is up for development. I try to keep my spirits up as best I can and you are right about getting out if the weather is good, it always lifts your spirits I find. The GPs evidence is better now but if I look at it objectively it is pretty poor even now. I guess you either get a good GP or a poor one and mine sadly is the latter. Being stuck way out in the sticks though you get what is available. Its in the lap of the Gods now DD all I can do is hope for a break.
  6. 2014 Update - 6 months later and I have a 2nd hearing set for next Thursday 15th May. Feel very down and really dont expect to win given the Drs attitude at the last hearing. What happens if/when I do lose this appeal? I got news from my landlord that he is planning to sell up and move up north recently too so its not a great leap of the imagination to see me being homeless. I did some research and find that The Council have more obligation to house someone leaving Prison than they do me. what a screwed up society we live in.
  7. Hi Margaret and thanks, no I still dont have a date from them for the next hearing but I have received all of the medical evidence including the report from my GP which was far better than the crossed through blank page he originally submitted. I took my brother with me last time and he drove me there, I do have my own car but because of medication, attention problems and the fact I can no longer afford to run it the poor vehicle is just sat on my drive. I am keeping it to give to my eldest son when he is old enough to drive. another sad knock on from being on benefits really as I am now stuck out in the middle of nowhere with an ad hoc bus service that my health wont let me use anyway. I dont wish to sound miserable as I am aware there are many people far worse off than I am but to be blunt I feel utterly bloody miserable :/
  8. Hi Margaret, I owe you an apology for such a lengthy delay n replying, my brain just forgets so regularly even from reading my email and thinking " I really must reply to that" - so please accept firstly my apology and secondly my thanks for the information which I have ( I hope) put to good use. What has staggered me about this whole process is the way all the 'medical evidence' is so sanitised and seems to have whole bits missing/changed. For example the report from the Consultant Physio I saw makes no mention of her diagnosis of " a degenerative back condition' or her opinion that ' it will Im afraid only get worse and there isnt much we can do for you' this became - 'I gave him advice accordingly'. As did her statement that her newly qualified colleague had progressed me too rapidly from basic to advanced exercises become 'in hindsight Mr **** may have tried to progress too rapidly'. I feel like a very small fish in a vast pond full of very large fish to deal with
  9. y'ow that never fails to amaze me DD how these people can be so unfeeling towards fellow human beings, when all this started I had lost my homer, my gf, the job I loved and my health was in a mess yet the attitude of some of the people I have had to deal with and some of the accounts you come across are beyond belief. I started work at the age of 13 with 2 paper rounds and worked in my Dads shop for 2 evenings and a full day saturday until I left school. from there I went into full time employment and have never looked back until my recent problems so I know how your friend feels, it seems to me that anybody claiming any kind of Benefit is labelled a scrounger these days.
  10. fair comment Nystagmite and I am generally the same, however in his case I have discussed at length and brought it up with him on more than one occasion how my daily life is being impacted. what frustrates me terribly is each time he promises "dont worry we will get you fixed" yet we/he has still done nothing towards that goal no matter how much I badger him. I guess as Margaret has suggested on another post I really need a new GP
  11. Margaret,thank you for theadvice, I will certainly do as you suggest, I have written a 4x A4 report for the Tribunal detailing each of my ailments and how they affect me each day.I was particularly interested in the bit you said about detailing why fit for work may seriously damage my health. Am I still allowed to include eveidence even though the tribunal has started? I am guessing I can as it has been adjourned? regards Andy
  12. Daniella I am so sorry to hear they treated your friend like that, unfortunately this seems to be quite a frequent occurrence as they ride rough shod over peoples feelings and lives. we seem to have a breed of very cold, callous people in power today. My commiserations to your friend.
  13. Hi Margaret, by way of further evidence I mean I documented far more comprehensively what was ailing me, it wasnt until I joined forums such as this that I had any clue what exactly they were after. Yes the form I refer to was ESA113 completed by my GP back in March but I only got knowledge of it very recently because of the Tribunal. My GP had put one entry for 1969 when I was 4 years old and one for January this year when i had two heart attacks, though he only mentions one! for the neck and back injuries he has been seeing me for over the past two years he did not put a single word and had ticked "nothing known" on the tick boxes where it asks of certain known restrictions such as mobility, etc. The Tribunal was adjourned as the panel had already picked up on this and I expressed my dissatisfaction with the GPs lack of input. The judge has ordered that the GP must provide a full report. regards Andy
  14. Hi Daniella, that is so true. nobody owns the problem anymore and if its not their life its going to drive a bulldozer through they dont give a stuff. I wouldnt mind if I were raking in a fortune or something but as it is I dont even "live on Benefits" I barely exist on what they give me. I can no longer afford to keep my car on the road, can barely buy enough food fo the month and yet they act as if I am taking the bread from their own table. Honestly Daniella the tone that the Dr on The Tribunal was using towards me made it quite clear Im going to have a real fight to win this one. This Govt have no idea what they put people through and this ATOS/DWP system is almost as corrupt as they are.
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