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  1. Problem solved - Skoda came good after I emailed their MD voicing my concerns. It shouldn't have come to that, but I'm certainly relieved they've decided to take their safety responsibilities to their customers seriously.
  2. Hi Heliosuk - the car does mainly motorway miles - around 100 miles to 120 miles a day. I do very little town driving. The corrosion is exactly as you describe and starts after only around 7,500 miles of use.
  3. ...should also add that the wheels are used during summer months only, so have spent half their lives in dry storage under a blanket... ...so a clear failure on Skoda's part to produce something that's fit for purpose as far as I'm concerned (though I accept this bears no relation to the overall car not being fit for purpose - just irksome that they've replaced obviously poorly-designed goods with the same poorly-designed goods).
  4. Hi Kiki - no, far from it. I'm just north of London. As for mechanical faults, I'd say the engine using 1L of oil for every 1000miles is a big one, but the DSG gearbox issue is a safety issue. If the car's not safe, it can't be driven, thus not fit for purpose. That's my logic anyway. Until someone qualified tells me it's actually safe (which Skoda won't do of course), why would I assume it is?
  5. Hi Folks, I bought brand new (built for me to my specification) a Skoda Fabia VRS, which I ordered in November 2010 and took delivery of in May 2011. Since then it has spent 13% of its life undergoing repairs for the following: Replaced three wheels due to corrosion Replaced front and rear skoda badges due to corrosion replaced all four wheel badges due to corrosion Engine oil breather modification to deal with high oil consumption (used at least 1L per 1000 miles) Replaced clutches on the DSG auto gearbox due to failure Gearbox software update to deal with poor gear c
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