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  1. Can you cite any evidence of the case law you refer to? I'm keen to ensure my course of action is based on sound fact if at all possible. Many thanks!
  2. Hey - Take a look at photo "IMAG0242". To me it reflects the facts of side impact increasing towards the front of my vehicle - note that the damage gets worse just after the wheel arch, which is where the lorry straightened up and moved back into his own lane. Am I being biased? I just can't see ANY other interpretation.
  3. I wonder if there are any "expert statements" that could be acquired to strengthen my case? A cursory look at the daytime morning after photo shows damage along the whole side of the car, from rear quarter panel to front wheel arch with the wing mirror having been knocked off. HOW is it possible for me to sustain all that damage if I veered into the lorry's path? I just don't get it. And maybe an honest judge would see that also? Does anyone have experience of this? Many thanks
  4. I meant to say that I checked today and there are no CCTV cameras. Given that is the case, am I wasting my time and risking incurring legal costs if I pursue the case myself through the Small Claims court say? My insurance company has emailed me to say: "If we proceeded to instruct solicitors you would not be liable for anything as the policy covers the costs, this is the reason we are not prepared to pass the matter to solicitors given we feel the current offer is reasonable. You are obviously free to pursue the matter personally should you so wish, however, w
  5. Insurance company says they don't doubt me, but there are no witnesses and so it is one person's word against the others. So IF I took it to court, and I am willing to fight this case if need be, would a judge consider the facts and the claims and cross examine or throw it out due to lack of independent witnesses? The fact that the lorry driver said and did what he did is a great start in that he could be questioned about the allegations and cross examined. I have been through small court before and am willing to do so IF there is a reasonable chance of success and I won't be liable for
  6. You can look at gov.uk/using-the-road-159-to-203/roundabouts-184-to-190 (I cannot post a URL as a newbie!) Signals and position. When taking any intermediate exit, unless signs or markings indicate otherwise > stay in this lane until you need to alter course to exit the roundabout In all cases watch out for and give plenty of room to > long vehicles (including those towing trailers). These might have to take a different course or straddle lanes either approaching or on the roundabout because of their length. Watch out for their signals. I was and it wasn't that long
  7. Thanks. The lorry was in the left hand lane and I was in the right hand lane. Both lanes are for ongoing traffic on the dual carriageway. Lorries and cars constantly travel this way as the lanes are wide and the roundabout pretty large. I don't see how it could have been my fault. The lane was wide enough for the lorry to easily stay within but he simply veered off into my lane for some reason I will never know.
  8. Hi guys Appreciate comments based upon experience as well as the law on this issue To my utter disappointment the lorry driver involved in the accident is no longer standing by comments made at the time of the accident. They are claiming I went into their vehicle. My insurers are pushing to settle 50/50 which makes me angry. The facts: As both vehicles approached the roundabout, the lorry in the left hand lane and my car in the right and both heading straight ahead, the lorry started to move into my lane, so I quickly put my brakes on, moving as close as possible to the ro
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