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  1. There is a small typo. It should read "requires" not "required". I have edited the post. Other than that it is exact. The landlord accepted our notice in writing via email. We had also overpaid the last month's rent by accident, which they have returned to us without argument: "Thank you for informing us that you wish to leave your accommodation and terminate your tenancy agreement after the required notice period of one month on 22nd May 2013. Although your contract does not expire till the 31st Aug 2013. (Their emphasis.) We do hope you have enjoyed your stay. Your
  2. Hello, I have recently moved out of an apartment during the fixed 6 month term of an assured shorthold tenancy. The landlord accepted our notice and did not mention us needing to pay any rent. However when we asked for our deposit to be returned they said it would not be and have informed "mydeposits" that we will not be due any as we terminated the tenancy early. Our contract contains the following clause "termination by the tenant - If the tenant requires to terminate this agreement, the tenant must give written notice to the company and the period of notice shall not be less tha
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