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  1. If there is a chance I will be prosecuted should I take a legal representative?
  2. Hi, Thank you for your response. I have re-read the letter and it says ‘if youhave representation and they are attending’ does this suggest legalrepresentation? I was thinking about taking a friend or colleague to make notesthis time not a legal representative. As stated previously, I thought I’d be able to produce an abundanceof tickets to prove I had been buying them, which unfortunately I can’t , so itseems I haven’t been buying them on a regular basis. There may well havebeen reports of my leaving the train to touch in my oyster.. I know it soundsdubious, but it wasn’t with the inten
  3. I’m hoping someone might be ableto help me..I have been sent a letter by SWT to attend a meeting I was stopped on the train a couple of months ago, having just boarded a train after touching in at a zone 5 station, I live one stop passed this station in zone 6 and had begun my journey there. I was asked where I had got on which I stated and asked to provide theticket forthe rest of my journey which I didn't have. I was suffering with an illness at the time and not 100% with it and I now have a couple of concerns. Firstly I remember very little of what I said during the 2
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