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  1. not sure i want to name them right now they might stumble upon this thread and know every move i make they are know to register on forums and make posts like has anyone ordered from this site before then reply with a new account saying yes they are great etc when this is over will happily name and shame them
  2. i need to make a claim against a online store they sent me the wrong item and i sent it back over 2 weeks ago and they have received it but they still will not give me a refund and they are now ignoring my calls i think the only way im getting my money back is to file a claim can anyone help me fill out the particulars of claim or find a template for it? thanks
  3. Hello i am about to try and reclaim my miss-sold ppi from beneficial finance and i just need help calculating how much interest i can claim im going to reclaim via the courts i already know i can add the statuary 8% interest but can i also add the interest they charged me for the loan which i think is 19.9% im finding it difficult to calculate because my was a monthly paid premium and the PPI calculator only seems to work for single paid premiums ive already used the spreadsheet from the bank charges section for the monthly payments and i want to add another column for the the loan interests next to the statutory 8% can anyone help? thanks
  4. Hello I need help reclaiming my PPI from Beneficial Finance I took out a loan in 2000 and I believe the PPI was mis-sold to me and I have a good chance of reclaiming because 1) The sales staff did not once mention I was getting PPI as part of the loan package 2) You can’t claim if you work part time (which I do) 3) The option to take out the PPI is electronically ticked on the credit agreement Now I have written to Beneficial twice about this each time asking for them to cancel the PPI and to give me a full refund each time they respond with the same letter saying they are looking into it and will get back to more shortly its now been 7 months since and still no response and I’ve even tried ringing them and sending more letters but had no luck there. I tried the ombudsman route but they keep saying I need to give them more time to respond but it’s been 7+ months so I guess they are no help either my only option is court action now can anyone help me draft a final letter to beneficial to let them know I am planning court action? Thanks
  5. thanks for all the help but its kind of resolved now the manufacturer has agreed to replace the item I'm still annoyed tho and don't want the store to get away with it
  6. it is an intel chip the store provided me with some pictures and the box is in absolute tatters it wasnt like that when i sent it off what are my chances of getting a refund ive tried arguing with them but they wont budge will i need to take some kind of legal action
  7. i bought a CPU from a well know online store and the item was fautly so i got an RMA number and sent it back (it was collected by the stores couriers) now my item went missing for 2 weeks and they first claimed it got delivered to the wrong address after they finally received the items they rejected the returns on the grounds that the CPU had physical damage (they said the heat spreader isn't attached) i tried to explain that it didn't show any physical damage when i sent it back and that the damage could have occurred while the parcel was missing for 2 weeks they then backtracked and said the parcel wasn't missing and it was at the depot during the 2 weeks i don't believe them because as soon after the item was collected i tracked it and it was showing and delivered and signed for and why would that be if its been at the depot the whole time what are my rights in this case
  8. Hello I am about to make a claim vs. Clydesdale Financial Services (£350 worth of letter charges) and I need a little help as its not straight forward. Originally the debt was with Cetelem UK but it was sold on to Clydesdale. As it was originally with cetelem I didn’t sign any credit agreement with Clydesdale Financial Services So this section on the prelim letter will not apply Should I still include that paragraph in the letter or should I replace it with something If I should what would be the best thing to say Also I have calculated that if I reclaim the charges I would have overpaid on my account by around £160 or so Should I include this on the prelim as well or stick it on the schedule of charges Thanks
  9. sorry my mate ended up selling his car and using the money to pay the fine instead of letting the bailiffs sell it i told him best to see what you guys say about the situation but he never bothered
  10. my mate paid £1.50 into his bank account and the clerk must have accidentally put £1500 in cause his bank balance is now showing £1500 extra in credit what are the chances of the bank spotting this mistake should he start spending
  11. i think he has an account here ill get him to post more details
  12. my mate got a parking ticket which has now gone up to £570 and the bailiffs have taken the car and want to money in 7 days or the car will be sold to cover the cost the bailiffs wont take part payment they will only accept the whole amount at once what are his rights if any
  13. i bought some computer equipment from an online store and it appears some accessories are missing. i bought the items on Tuesday and then received them on Wednesday i opened to check if they where the correct items and all seemed ok. Since what i ordered would take a long time to install and i work during the week i waited till Saturday before i attempted to assemble the system that's when i realized that a small but important bracket was missing i checked the packaging and its 100% not there. I then contacted them and they said since 48 hours have passed since i received the item there is nothing they can do I'm sure what there doing is not right what can i do? thanks
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