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  1. Am going to seek some legal advice. Totally agree with you. This has turned into a right mess and become very stressfull for all of us as we cant even pop into town and shop or just to have a browse round anymore. what i find even more difficult to deal with is that ive lived in the same area for 40 years and when we use the local shops there are people that i know who work in them that are being told to watch or follow us round and now think that we could be potential ciminals
  2. That was the advice i was given by the store manager. when he said that we might have been put on this townwatch thing i then asked how do i go about getting us taken off this thing or getting our profiles stopped from being passed on to other retail outlets.
  3. Had a message left on my phone from the police saying that asda can take profiles and can distribute to other outlets and this is not a police matter and i should go back and speak to asda again.
  4. hello, ref to my first post on supermarket security posted june 2013. Have written to my local asda store manager but did not get a reply. So i wrote to general manager at asda head office. Got a answer message on my phone 14 days later saying "I have spoken with your local store manager about the incident and he says that its all forgotten about and all water under the bridge but if you would like to pop into your local branch and have a word with the manager then that would be fine". so that's what i did today. Upon speaking to the manager i just wanted to
  5. it certainly looks like they have done that as we are picked up soon as we walk into these supermarkets and in there smaller convenience shops, were made very aware that we are being watched every time.
  6. hello thanks for reply. had thought about doing that but we really don't feel comfortable going into the place anymore while this is going on. we have also now been advised to write a letter our local store manager and to the main branch explaining what has happend and wait for reply. gonna try that. thanks for taking the time to reply to this.
  7. yes you do understand correctly and no more to this story that is exactly what has happend
  8. me my partner and 9 yr old son was in asda back in october 2012. my son won a laser pen at the fair, while we were in asda me and my son was shinning it on the walls and on the ceiling. shortly after we were told by the security guard to stop shinning it or we had to leave the shop, to which i replied yes ok mate and put the laser pen in my pocket and never used again. still to this day 11/06/13 when shopping asda we are recognized every time upon entry then watched and followed as we shop which is a very uncomfortable feeling for all three of us. this also hap
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