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  1. Ok Ims Ill keep that up my sleeve for now then and use later on if I dont get anywhere with them. Thanks for the advice:-) Cath
  2. Thanks Trurider, I will send FOS a letter too. Nothing to lose! Cath
  3. Thanks dx. I think Ill send letter first in response to theirs, saying thanks for copy of application but can I have transcript of the call as Proof. If that fails then I'll SAR. Its a plan of sorts.. Cath PS I didnt know that the card worked without you ringing to activate! They must see me coming a mile off!! LOL
  4. Thanks Ims21. Im really lazy so was hoping that they would have been nice to us and instantly said Yes, you were right! Lets hope the others come back with a better reply! Though from reading some of these posts, it doesnt look like it! Thank you
  5. Hi, I have read a few posts with people having trouble with Capital one not refunding PPI, but the ones with the same scenario as us are from a few years ago.. My husband took out a credit card with Capital one in 2007. on the form he did not tick the PPI box, We have a copy of this which they kindly (!) sent us with the rejection letter. They say that when he phoned to activate the card the member of staff offered it then and he accepted. Now obviously we dont remember him being asked this. He was working in the same place as he is now which pays good sick and red
  6. Ok, thanks. Will try and sort tomorrow or weekend. Thanks everyone.
  7. To all the ones I owe money to or just the ones not showing on credit report? though they might have dropped off...does it matter about a default with them? does that prove the debt? Thanks.
  8. Thanks, will try and sort that out tomorrow then Cath
  9. dx, so if I just use one of the letters ive seen on this forum and a £1,00 blank Postal Order with payment copy CCA only on back of it? To the original debtors or DCA? only to the ones not on credit report? could the ones not on credit report get funny and put a report on? Sorry for blunt questions, typing one handed holding the baby!! Thank you for help
  10. Thanks Brigadier. Its not what I wanted to hear but I did know that would be the answer..Thanks to all of you for your time and advice Anyone with a magic wand, Id appreciate a few numbers on the lottery this weekend ;-).. lol..wouldnt we all! Cath
  11. Brigadier, Hi. I have a current account showing as good and up to date etc. My husband had a mobile phone on contract for me (needed as pregnant last year and with my autistic son). Ending end of June. I can try for a contract in my name then and possibly upgrade to normal current account (instead of basic, but no o/d though). dx, No I know have read about that on other threads but I dont know. Will it just make more trouble for me? Most of my cards/loans were opened late 90s so not sure where I would stand. I dont mind paying them as I did run up the debt, but I do feel angry that
  12. I know, thats why I wanted to ask. Never had a mortgage before so wasnt sure what exactly they asked. Ill have to see if I can find a sympathetic bank! Thank you so much.
  13. Hiya Sequenci, Thanks for the quick reply. Egg shows as settled in 2008 and no balance (although has gone to barclaycard which isnt on the reports). Arrow Global is the only other one showing as open but will drop off end of June. MBNA shows as closed but default on June 2007 so that should also drop off. None of the others are showing(CL Finance and Tesco). So I wouldnt have to mention those? Although I have only the one account with a payment going to CCCS on it. Hmmm.
  14. Hiya, Im new so sorry if have posted this in the wrong place. I am on a DMP with CCCS and have been for almost 7 years. 2 pregnancies also which meant reduced payments for a year and a half, so still have a long way to go. My experian credit report is very good, no defaults. Car finance shows 2011 payment not received for 1 month, then balance settled month after. Unsure why they classed as missed payment because it was all agreed with the company before that payment had been due. Egg shows as settled, no missed payments, but am still paying them although now throug
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