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  1. Hi guys, I was caught shoplifting at boots a few months back (which i'm not proud of). As i was leaving the shop, a plain-clothes officer stopped me and told me to follow him back to the store. I agreed, knowing what i had done. Along with him, there was a security officer who took down my particulars such as my name, my current college as well as my address. They decided not to call the police and told me to sign the RLP form as well as the ban from the store. Apart from that, they also made racist remarks on my ability to read or write. As i'm a international student studying in the UK and was about to leave the county for a school break back to my homeland, i could not pay within 21 days, which was the requirement they had given me. I called up RLP and requested if they could reduce the amount as i'm not 18 and whether a delay the payment was possible as i wouldn't be in the country for a few months. They agreed on my request to delay the payment for a few months and reduce the amount to £145 . Also, i told them that the address i had previously given them was a temporary address and i would update them my new address when i am back in the country. Reading through the forums, many people have said that not a single cent should be given to them, however i still have a few questions i would like to clarify. 1. As i'm about to renew my visa this july, will the RLP have any effect on the application? 2. Also, should i update them my new address and number when I'm back in the country? 3. If i do not update them, will they be able to track me down? 3. Will boots charge me in court if i refuse to pay up?
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