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  1. Did you manage to resolve this? http://www.mainstreamlending.org.uk/pounds_in_your_pocket/ I'm in a similar predicament with Pounds to Pocket, I will be reporting to fos for sure.
  2. That quickquid video is hilarious, seriously how on earth can this happen? Oh the regrets that follow having taken payday loans in the past!
  3. I applied for a loan with payday express back in november 2012, i wasn't even accepted and yet still get emails and have even been phoned several times on my mobile by other finance companies. I've never applied for a payday loan before or since so there I must have been put on some form of list by payday express that's been sold on... so yes this goes on.
  4. And again, I agree. Still, it is wise to have your bases covered and not leave it to chance and expectation. I know there are some lawyers who give a free hour consultation so that is an option if he doesn't want to shell out the cash to go to one. It's at least worth the effort to make sure everything is alright and there isn't anything he's missing. It's easy to get burned in the courts if one person is a better story-teller than the other and you don't know how to respond. Evidence is important but so is presentation.
  5. Oh, don't get me wrong -- I agree!! I said it just in case. Who knows what this guy can weasel into to make it into a legitimate case? Best to be prepared for anything that can possibly happen in any situation... Just in case.
  6. If he said he would deliver it within 14 days and hasn't, then he is indeed breaching the protocol. I looked at your opening post and he is incorrect that he will win because of eBay. He failed to comply with the eBay claims procedure. He had the option to receive a refund and refused in stubborn anger. Acquaint yourself with an affordable lawyer and ask what you can do to prevent too much of a headache.
  7. It is bad that you did not seek landlord consent for changing the state of the property, however there may be a clause in the lease contract that allowed this. It seems like your landlord is digging herself a deep hole, though!! Falsifying documents, not making her disapproval clear immediately upon a chance of property condition, and you were not brought up to date with prior issues of the property. A landlord is obligated to redo a segment of the property if this segment is essential to the tenant's ability to live. For example, a stove, a fridge, heating, air conditioning, water. I wouldn't necessarily say that the carpet being threadbare is a cause for immediate repair, regardless of your statement that it caused accidents. However, checking the contract for repair circumstances is important to determine whether or not that is true. As stated above, be sure to quickly start the process for raising a dispute, as time is important in this situation.
  8. This is a very familiar tactic used by product representatives. I'd say the worst is with companies that seem legitimate and aren't exactly door-to-door salesmen. It is worth stating that as a consumer, it is your responsibility to properly read over anything you sign, however, it is also the responsibility of the person providing the contract/order to accurately determine and state what the purpose is. You are not allowed to say, "This is not a fish" and then proceed to sell them a fish. You will find this blow up in the faces of people who try that in the restaurant business, and it applies here, too. Your idea of getting witnesses is a good one, but please ensure that their stories are not filled with holes that can be exploited. If you are successful in bringing this to court with several people backing you up, you will likely find their lawyers trying to poke holes and make them wider to instill doubt with the court. It is best if each story you get told gets checked by your own lawyer and presented in a way where it is least likely to be preyed upon. Power in numbers, but remember that these numbers need to be reliable numbers or else it will fall apart promptly. That said, it is also bad business practice (and I am pretty sure it is also illegal) to demand money to ensure the pricing of a quote, as well as a preemptive deposit before the project is even agreed upon. I hope deeply that your lawyer is aware of all these circumstances and has made himself a thick portfolio of just exactly how and why this is wrong. Best of luck, and I hope you find others to join your case!
  9. A small music group? You'd only need a basic bookkeeper as stated above for that, then. It'd be a good idea to have an easy format you can use that allows you to see how much money is going in and how much money is staying after expenses so you can have a clear picture of what your financial situation is like. Additionally, have a list close-by that details the pricing of anything you need for operating so you can allocate effectively (be sure to indicate which is more of a priority!). After a year of this, it is also a good idea to find out just how much you averaged over the past 365 days! The longer you do this, the more and more of a trending pattern you can discover. Do you sell more during the month of May, or do you go into the negatives in the month of October? Things like this will help you generate a financial plan that allows you to prepare for unexpected dips and expenses and also allows you to discover what you can work on to improve.
  10. Oh! I didn't take that close of a look at it so I must have missed that!! In that case, you are absolutely right and this is very shady. There should be a landline as a mobile can be attributed to just about anyone and is not grounded in any way. Who can we report this to? Good catch!
  11. I echo this and this may actually be a point that isn't touched upon yet! If you can figure out who the landlord is and can provide records of your rent payments and proof that you do, indeed, live there, you may be able to force a situation of special circumstances. It may be wishful thinking, but after consulting with a lawyer you may want to consider that option. It would be naturally better if you can find a way to replace the current tenant and take over the contract, or maybe get a new, cheaper contract because of how poorly his/her tenant handled the situation! Your lawyer will likely contact the landlord anyways, if there is anything to be done. Be prepared to move out at any given moment, just in case. You never know what your current landlord will do, or what the property landlord will do, or what the law itself will do. Best of luck!!
  12. They can't refuse your withdrawal request. They also cannot demand further payments beyond the semester you're currently enrolled in. It is illegal for them to fine you for an education you are not participating in, and it is also illegal to not let you leave. There are windows of differences in your departure from the school, but they can never say no. They can refuse refund, refuse credit awarding, and other features of that semester, but they most certainly cannot refuse the basic ability to withdraw. Arrange an appointment with an ombudsman and inform your bank of the situation, making it clear that you are in the process of resolving the situation and would like for no funds to be released until a definitive answer is discovered. Bring all documents, all agreements, and all dialogue recordings to your appointment and inquire as to what you can legally do to prevent having your educational rights infringed upon. Apologies as this is a late reply, but hopefully it will help someone else if they come across this and have a similar issue.
  13. Common consumers are more concerned with the flash and surface of what they see. It's easy to concentrate on the big "REDUCED" sign over everything, and think about how much of a great deal it is while ignoring the fact that the price is still higher than you could get elsewhere. Fact is, most consumers don't research what they want to buy... They see a display sign in a store, ponder it, and then choose to buy that specific model unless a salesperson convinces them otherwise. I'm guilty of this, too! I bought a lot of baby clothes for my grandchildren without looking around. I just walked into a store, saw that they were for sale, bought a few, and then realized I could have gotten the same clothes in the store down the road for a few pounds cheaper... Not smart. The worst is in the grocers, though... Reduced signs are NOT to be trusted. At least not with vegetables, fruits, and meats. It is so rare to actually get something that is still good to eat and then you're left with bits and pieces that you paid money for that maybe could have better been spent in something else. Making money off of "faulty" goods, as you described it. Good opinion to keep with you: Anything with a reduced or quick sale sign should be treated with suspicion until proven genuine and safe. That's what I do now.
  14. I had a quick look at the site and saw that it did include an address and phone number on the "Contact Us" page. As well, you posted the man's full name (as well, his name is included on the "Meet The Team" page). Is the rule that it needs to be on the front page? You are completely right about the security issue, though! There is no SSL and any information sent on the website can be easily intercepted. Not good! Not to mention that the "verification" they use is for Wordpress... Not an actual social platform. Veeeery shady. I don't recommend using this site as a serious method to meet other people, as your personal information seems to be easily compromised... There's always the coffee shop!
  15. That really depends on the business you pick... If you think about it, certain types of industries require different types of information for your bookkeeping. The team you've put together may be better off asking a local bookkeeper for help! He/she can teach you the basics of keeping records and probably organize something that allows you to do it yourself after a while. Any problems with your bookkeeping can be resolved by a financial auditor, should it ever come up. Hopefully you know your partners enough and can keep track of the cash flow to avoid any mishaps. It might be too complicated for amateurs who don't know how... But it is certainly doable with the right tools (in this case, right people)!!
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