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  1. [QUthe property is not owned by me OTE=welsh1;4254395]The simple answer is he was not trespassing if he had a warrant against you. If he committed an illegal act while on your property like forcing his way into your house, then he would be acting illegally and could be removed from the property. You should remember trespass is a civil offence and the police are not lightly to be interested unless there is a breach of the peace. Also you can only use "reasonable and proportionate force"so if you take an axe and threaten the bailiff who is unarmed it is likely you will be the one arr
  2. I had a visit by a baliff, of which i asked him to leave. which he refused. i told him that he was trespassing and that the property is not mine but my wife was the owner and she did not wish to have him at the property. he then called the police, which did not say or do anything. in hind sight i should have left him there and my wife and i carry on with going out for the evening and locked the security gates to the property. was he trespassing?
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