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  1. Says Orange on the file i called up and cancelled which is ok according to the terms and conditions but because i had done this i thought no more of it
  2. Hello guys please read. I need help on a matter with Orange that’s being going on for the last 2 years. I have tried CISAS but it’s been over 9 months so they cannot help I have tried civil legal advice, debt council , citizens advice etc and no one can help I get passed around with no actual information on what to do. I had a contract with Orange for 18 months and before it ended I cancelled the contract with Orange and thought that was the end of it, 3 months later I return home from university to find bills and debt letters requesting money for line rental when the contrac
  3. Hi guys newbie here just wondered where i post about a problem i am having with Orange i dont want to put a big essay on here if its wrong Thanks in advance Michael
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