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  1. Just checked again, and it does not give any more details than that, just £120 Unpaid S/O, and O/Draft excess fee £80. That was in 2003. I had a pile of other documents which I need to sift through maybe they may tell me more.
  2. ahh thanks eveyone, apparently this was a typo on the forms, it should have been more clear, it was in fact the interest for the loan, it was placed against the Payment Protection Insurance by mistake by the bank admin. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I have just rec'd my bank statements from Aug 2001. On them I see that I had a Gold Service account, for which I was charged £8 a month. No idea why I had this, I cannot see what advantages this Gold service account gave me. I understand that I reclaim this back. Also I had an overdraft and regulary had O/draft interest (which I know I cannot claim back obviously) and O/draft usage fees and later charges called O/draft excess fees - varying from £25 to £85 a month. Now and then they would charge me £35 or so for unpaid cheque and Direct Debit. Does anyone know what the diferen
  4. Just had a look at my Direct Line loan offer dated 2001 - it has 0 (zero) against the Loan Payment Protection, but against Total Charge for Credit it has charged me £1,770! This took the original loan amount of £6,942 up to £8,712! I cannot remember anything about this, and certainly would have said no to PPI as any redundancy as a result of job loss would have taken care of this loan. Moorcroft took this debt over and a recent statement from them stated the amount of £1,770 was in fact under the title: Insurance Premium, rather than Charge for Credit. Can I claim this back?
  5. Hi, I've had a Cahoot loan (passed to Abbey and now Santander) from 2005 to date. I'm in a DMP. How do I get hold of the the old statements to see how much interest I was/am paying. Do I apply to cahoot, Abbey or Santander? (I was under the impression from my DMP people that I had been paying no interest for the last couple of years, but I have reason to doubt that now, so i have asked all of my creditors for up to date statements.) I have had no statements for a long tiem now, so I may be in for a nasty surprise. Thanks,
  6. Thanks, I wondered if they hide it somehow. Not sure how to tickle your scales...is it legal?
  7. HI, Having looked at this very good website, I have decided to dispense with the services of a PPi claims company and will do it myself.For the few statements I have kept from years ago, they do not say I had PPi; my question is this: Will it be clear from the statements that I have been paying for insurance Or is it sometimes hidden? Thanks,
  8. Hi, I am considering letting Stake your Claim investigate any PPIs I may have had over the years as about 10-15 years ago I had a lot of debts and hardship due to certain circumstances. I have been with Payplan for some years now, but still paying off my many debts. I took out a lot of interest free loans and was constantly juggling them around. I dug out some old Lloyds Create card statements and LLoyds Bank Statements, going back to 2005. I was amazed to see that Lloyds had been writing to me nearly every day telling me about the many charges they were applying to my account, even thoug
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