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  1. Nope it was in a letter that they sent me i dont think they have a number for me as i havnt received any calls. im worried incase they blacklist me or give me a poor credit rating because its addressed to my parents house.
  2. Sorry ive only just joined this site and wasnt able to find the correct forum. I've also heard that bailifs dont operate in Northern Ireland. i was mainly worried because ARC said they would send my case onto solicitors in 10 days if i dont make a payment. normally i would just pay to save myself the hassle but i go on holiday on wednesday and i cant afford it
  3. I had a 6 month contract with dw sports that started in march 2012. in January i asked the woman at reception if i could cancel my membership and i was told that it would take a month, i said that was ok and at the end of February i cancelled the membership by direct debit. I received letters stating that i had not gave them the notice and that they wanted the £33.99 for my months notice. i ignored these letters. but today i received a letter from ARC europe threatening court action if i did not pay the fee plus a 15 pound admin charge. has anyone else had this problem and what should i do. thanks
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